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How Do You Buy Bitcoin?

I have been discussing Bitcoin since October of 2012 (when Bitcoin was at $12). I have not received a warm reception on the topic. Most readers and radio show listeners yawned and took little interest, while others chastised me for suggesting something that has been used by criminals (as if the U.S. Dollar has not). I want to share in this post on how to buy Bitcoin, just in case some of you may have changed your mind. 

How Do You Buy Bitcoin-

Despite Bitcoin trading at nearly $5,000 at the time of writing this article, I believe there is still a tremendous opportunity. Consider how much $100 invested today would be worth based on some of the future predicted prices for Bitcoin.

$100,000 Bitcoin ($100 today becomes $2,000)

$500,000 Bitcoin ($100 today becomes $10,000)

$1,000,000 Bitcoin ($100 today becomes $20,000)

$2,000,000 Bitcoin ($100 today becomes $40,000)

To get started with Bitcoin is a very simple process. I recommend using Coinbase (the largest Bitcoin buying platform). If you use this link you will receive $10 in bonus Bitcoin when you make a $100 purchase. Opening up an account at Coinbase is simple to do. There will be just a couple of steps required for you to verify your identity. Once your account is active, you can link a bank account or a credit card to make your first purchase. You can also buy Litecoin and Ethereum through your Coinbase account (two lesser known Bitcoin rivals).

Of course, I don't offer investment advice (and this article is for informational purposes only). If you do buy Bitcoin, you should only do so with money you can afford to lose, and only after consulting with your own financial adviser.

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