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And on it goes.

The migrant crisis in Europe is, of course, well-known. Now, as reported by, a university in France has suspended all classes out of deference to security concerns related to the outright occupation of the campus by migrant squatters.


Guillaume Gellé, president of the Univerity of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, sent a letter to the student body that said, in part, “Access to the university premises located on the Red Cross campus is forbidden until security conditions are restored.”

Gellé said, as well, that he is just as concerned for the safety of the migrants as he is for that of the students under his charge, citing the children living among the school’s current migrant population.

There are currently 40 migrants who’ve made the campus their new home. They reportedly moved there after having been removed from a previous “residence” in France, Saint-John Perse park, also in Reims.

Probably even less surprising than the fact that migrants have overtaken the campus is that the French student union is now calling on authorities to properly shelter the migrants. This from a press release of theirs:

“We call on the local authorities, the town hall of Reims, the prefecture to urgently shelter these families.”

Of course you do.

Anyone remember a country called France?

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large