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Children’s Ball Pit Play Areas Now Used to Create Safe Spaces for College Students

This is just weird.

You know those ball pits commonly found at kid-themed eateries? Well, colleges and universities have apparently found a use for them.


But it’s not because they’re planning to raise money by conducting children’s fairs or anything like that.

The ball pits are for the students. The college students. And the purpose for having them is perfectly serious, in the eyes of the schools.

According to the website The College Fix, the schools are employing the pits “as ice breakers, to break down racial barriers,” and “facilitate lessons on wellness,” among other reasons.

Kate Ayotte, a wellness programs administrator at Central Connecticut State University, noted in an email to the Fix that “the ball pits were perfect for allowing students to feel comfortable.”

A growing number of schools seem to be utilizing the unusual platforms, including the University of Delaware and the University of Mississippi.

School coordinators, says The College Fix, are hoping that the ball pits “create a safe space where students can hold and respect conflicting points of view.”

We can probably assume that the idea of having young people bond by spending 18 months in the military…while they defer entering college…was not the other option being weighed by these schools when they ultimately decided to go the kiddie ball-pit route.

God help us.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large