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America Speaks: NBC’s Sunday Night Football Pounded with Big Drop in Ratings

Is this just the beginning of something truly “yuge”?


Regular Americans everywhere are already up in arms over the mass protest engaged in last weekend by NFL teams all across the country. Many were further infuriated when those seen as enablers of the protesting ballplayers, like TV commentators and sports journalists, seemed to side with them and take issue with President Trump’s very vocal, very public objection to such expressions of disloyalty.

Well, it doesn’t appear as though said regular Americans are blowing smoke when it comes to their announced threats to turn their collective backs on the game they have loved for so long.

To wit: According to Business Insider, last weekend’s broadcast of NBC Sunday Night Football saw an eight percent drop in eyeballs from the previous week, and when compared to the same point in the season last year, viewership was down 10 percent.

So where does it go from here?

Hard to know, for sure, but the signs aren’t good for the NFL’s brand. In addition to the general outrage being expressed by consumers of the game, companies that sponsor the NFL or otherwise have some role in bringing the games to life are now listening to the angry fan base. For example, DirecTV is now offering refunds on its popular – and expensive – Sunday NFL Ticket package to those subscribers who cite the protests as the reason they want to cancel the service.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large