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Actually, ESPN has been embarrassing itself for a while now, when it comes to the matter of espousing leftist ideology on a consistent basis. But what ESPN has done most recently has dropped jaws on both ends of the political spectrum…because, in the minds of a whole lot of folks, it was so bizarre that it actually looks insane. In a story broken Tuesday by Clay Travis from, and reported on by a large number of news outlets, including Fox News, officials at ESPN decided to reassign Robert Lee, an Asian-American broadcaster for the network, from working the upcoming... Read more →

There’s always a reason to limit the Second Amendment, apparently. In a piece for The Atlantic, Charlottesville, Va. Mayor Mike Signer addressed the violent protests that took place in his city on Saturday, August 12 and culminated in the car attack that killed 32-year-old Heather Heyer. As a part of his remarks, Signer made what he clearly sees is an appropriate connection between that attack and the right to bear arms. In point of fact, the mayor is of the opinion that what took place that day is a sign that the rights of gun owners should be further constrained.... Read more →

With “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” all the rage on college campuses, it’s difficult to imagine any school of note putting its foot down to say that such things are unwanted on their grounds. But one has…and it’s located in a city that many think would be the last place to find a school taking an “anti-snowflake” stance. It turns out that Campus Reform has obtained a welcome letter from Dean Jay Ellison, addressed to incoming freshmen at the University of Chicago, wherein he makes it clear that free expression and enthusiastic debate is not only welcome on campus…it’s basically... Read more →

According to a report posted at The Telegraph, the influence of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un over his own people may, in fact, be waning, according to an anonymous defector with whom the news outlet has had contact. What’s more, it appears that the growing number of NK citizens who are forsaking Kim as their “god” are doing so in favor of another god: God Himself. “In the past, the people were told to worship the Kim family as their god, but many North Koreans no longer respect Kim Jong-Un,” the defector, who is now part of the group Worldwide... Read more →

The king of radio talkers, Rush Limbaugh, does not mince words when it comes to what he thinks is going on in the United States right now. And if you happened to hear him this past Friday, you know just how dire he believes America’s circumstances to be. “We haven’t seen anything like this,” Limbaugh said. “You might even get away with saying that we are on the cusp of a second civil war.” Proclaiming that “America is under attack from within,” the broadcast legend said that “our culture, our history, our founding are under the most direct assault I... Read more →

On this episode, podcaster Jason Stapleton discusses business, politics, and life. As a former Marine special operator, Forex trader, and now hugely popular podcaster, he has carved out his own niche and has an incredible following among Millennials. Stapleton shares his Libertarian views on Bitcoin, business, politics, Trump, the media, and Charlottesville. He also discusses the importance of building a life around your passions and interests. Read more →

On this episode, Jim discusses the shocking story of a lottery employee that created a software program to rig the lottery numbers in several states. How to get started with Bitcoin and receive a $10 bonus extra when opening a new account. Jerry Lewis dead at age 91. Robocall settlement to pay victims $300 to $900 each. Students of defunct Corinthian College to have loans forgiven, and Liberty University graduates are returning their diplomas as a protest against the college president's support for Trump. Read more →

If you don’t think America is rapidly becoming a bizarre, groupthink police state, well, you’re just not paying attention. As reported by a variety of outlets, including CBN News, there’s a bill actually under consideration by the California State Senate that would make it a crime for those who work in long-term care facilities to “willfully and repeatedly fail to use a resident’s preferred name or pronouns after being clearly informed of the preferred name or pronouns.” The legislation is known officially as SB 219, or the “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Long-Term Care Facility Resident’s Bill of Rights.” The... Read more →

The gig economy has proved empowering for a lot of people. But its advent has prompted lots of folks embarking on this new form of self-employment to chafe against the demands of the IRS. A new survey of enrolled agents reveals the number one reason for why taxpayers are receiving CP2000 forms, or notices of underreported income, is because those who are self-employed are doing a less-than-stellar job of accurately reporting their earnings at tax time. A related problem is that the IRS is seeing a spike in the number of taxpayers being hit with penalties related to non-payment, or... Read more →

As detailed in an article over at, Patricia Heaton, the well-liked actress known for her role as Debra Barone on the CBC sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, as well as for her part as Frances “Frankie” Heck on the ABC sitcom The Middle, isn’t buying what her former network is selling when it comes to the subject of the near-eradication of children with Down syndrome in Iceland. CBS News recently did a story on the subject, one detailing that the number of kids born in that country with the genetic disorder is, indeed, nearly at zero now. But it’s how... Read more →

In the midst of the current frenzy over removing Confederate statues, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has asked the legislature to go back on a law passed in 2015 and allow the state, as well as local counties and municipalities, to remove the offending statues located there. Two years ago, then-Governor Pat McCrory signed Senate Bill 22, or the “Historic Artifact Management and Patriotism Act.” The essence of the law is that it forbids the removal of historical statues. Cooper now wants the law reversed. And here’s one of the reasons: The governor is afraid that protesters might get hurt... Read more →

Tucker Carlson, the host of Fox News Channel’s highly-rated Tucker Carlson Tonight, had some rather interesting things to say on Monday about social media giant Google. While never entirely out of the news in these days, Google has been a topic of heightened interest lately because of the recent dustup concerning employee – now former employee – James Damore. As you likely heard, Damore, a software engineer, decided to publish a memo in which he partly made the case that there’s a dearth of women in the technology field because, as a gender, females tend to reflect traits that make... Read more →

Know anyone with student loan obligations they’re struggling to pay? If so, that’s hardly surprising. There’s a bunch of people – young and old – who are on the hook for tens of thousands…if not hundreds of thousands…of dollars they borrowed to finance their college educations. Something else that’s not a surprise is that plenty of those folks, in their frustration, are wondering if they shouldn’t just walk away from those bills. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? Well, here’s some insight, courtesy of CNBC, into just what can happen if someone chooses to renege on their student... Read more →

As reported by the Catholic News Agency, Pope Francis used his most recent weekly Angelus message delivered in Saint Peter’s Square to warn the faithful against seeking spiritual guidance from anyone other than Jesus. While the pope has seen fit to be more embracing of many of the progressive trends sweeping the world, presently, clearly an abandonment of the Word is not one of them. So that’s something. In his address, the pope took issue with those who “consult horoscopes and fortune tellers,” among other sources of false guidance. The pope exemplified his message by referring to the story of... Read more →

Banks are making a lot of money each year from overdraft fees. A lot of money. CNN Money is reporting on numbers recently released by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) that show American consumers paid a whopping $15 billion in fees related to bounced checks and account overdrafts last year. Addressing the numbers in a press call last week, CFPB Director Richard Cordray said, “Consumers living on the edge can find themselves racking up numerous overdraft charges. Despite recent regulatory and industry changes, consumers with low account balances and little margin for error continue to pay significant overdraft fees.”... Read more →