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Mayor of Charlottesville: Car Attack Illustrates Need to Limit Right to Bear Arms

There’s always a reason to limit the Second Amendment, apparently.


In a piece for The Atlantic, Charlottesville, Va. Mayor Mike Signer addressed the violent protests that took place in his city on Saturday, August 12 and culminated in the car attack that killed 32-year-old Heather Heyer. As a part of his remarks, Signer made what he clearly sees is an appropriate connection between that attack and the right to bear arms. In point of fact, the mayor is of the opinion that what took place that day is a sign that the rights of gun owners should be further constrained.


“While I am friends with many gun owners and am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment,” Signer said, “that right, like all Constitutional rights, comes with limits.”

It does? They do?

To correct Signer, while courts may have placed limits on constitutional rights through the years, it’s hard to see where the rights “came” with any such limits.

Continuing, Signer says, “Just as machine guns cannot be owned by civilians in this country, (a restriction supported by the National Rifle Association), it should not be acceptable to open-carry or concealed-carry firearms at an event of the sort we saw last weekend. First, the danger is too great of a catastrophic incident. Second, it is intimidating beyond any reasonable standard for citizens, particularly members of vulnerable communities.

“And so I am going to work with my colleagues on City Council to demand that our General Assembly swiftly enact legislation allowing localities to ban the open or concealed carry of weapons in public events reasonably deemed to pose a potential security threat.”

Let’s forget about the fact that the mayor is not even close to correct on the matter of private ownership of machine guns in the U.S. (except for a handful of states that explicitly prohibit the ownership of fully-automatic weapons, machine guns manufactured prior to May 1986 can be owned privately, subject to federal restrictions). Still, let’s give him his point, for the sake of discussion; how do you make the logical jump from “no machine guns” to “no concealed carry at rallies”?

The answer is that you make it if you’re a liberal Democrat politician looking for any justification to limit the right to keep and bear arms. The false equivalency has long been the dutiful ally of the liberal, and, in this case, “machine guns” = “concealed carry of handguns.”

Once again, for opportunistic leftist politicians like Signer, every tragedy has a road that leads back to gun control…even if guns had nothing to do with the tragedy.

Because gun control.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large