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Diversity Chairman Resigns After Struggling with Diversity

Diversity remains a challenge for liberals. For all of the rhetoric on tolerance, they just don’t seem very accepting of those points of view that fall out of step with virulent, screaming, leftism.


The Daily Caller is reporting that Grayson Lanza, the newly-appointed coordinator of diversity and outreach at the University of Central Florida, has now lost his job after it was revealed he publicly declared, by way of a Facebook post last October, that supporters of Donald Trump were “not welcome” on UCF’s campus.

Well, THAT sure doesn’t sound very egalitarian…especially for a progressive.

Back in October, supporters of Trump gathered at the campus’s “free speech lawn,” a place set aside at the school for groups to publicly express on behalf of their chosen agendas. According to Trump backer Daniel Hanna, Lanza ranted at the gathered, using words like “sexist” and “racist.” Afterwards, Grayson appeared to gloat on Facebook about his harassment of the Trumpers:

“And let today be a lesson to all,” he wrote. “Trump supporters are not welcome on our campus.”

Lanza had just become the student government’s diversity and outreach coordinator in June, but when someone put two and two together, and realized Mr. Diversity was the same fellow who breathlessly went after Trump supporters on the school’s own, self-proclaimed “free speech lawn,” well, it made for a bad look.

And now he’s gone.

In announcing Lanza’s departure from his new position, Nick Larkins, student government president, said, “Grayson is aware that as the diversity and outreach coordinator, he represents all students regardless of political affiliation.”

A diplomatic thing to say, but, no, no he doesn’t.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large