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Atlantic Magazine Article Informs Us of the Racial Component to…the Eclipse

A piece over at tells of an Atlantic article that discusses the recent solar eclipse from what most would surely see as a rather curious perspective.


The author, Alice Ristroph, who clearly has too much time on her hands, burdens Atlantic readers with a pointless article on the racial orientation of those parts of the U.S. that fell along the path of the eclipse.

That’s right; the article is a racial overview…historical, sociological, etc….of the sections of the country over which the total eclipse was visible.

How helpful.

While a quick glance at the article, titled American Blackout (because what else would it be called?), might lead a few to conclude Ristroph is saying the eclipse is somehow racist…even an insane person, like some on the left have evidenced themselves to be, likely doesn’t believe the eclipse is racist.

But that’s not the point here. Indeed, author Ristroph says she is not accusing the eclipse of being racist (thank God for that).

The point isn’t that anyone is seriously contending that the eclipse was actually racist. The point is that race, and matters of what’s become known as social justice, have become so thoroughly ubiquitous that nothing - literally nothing - can be discussed now without the invocation of a racial angle. Everything must have a racial component or dynamic today; everything.

Ask yourself this: Just how obsessed must one be with the matter of race…to be aware of the magnificent celestial event and yet so consumed with curiosity about the racial orientation of the people along the path of the eclipse that she’s compelled to write about it? Who reads or hears of a total eclipse on the way and thinks, “I wonder what the numbers of black, brown, and white faces are along the path of the eclipse?”


By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor at Large