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O.J. Simpson Can Expect Invite to Annual Enshrinement Ceremony for NFL Hall of Fame

Now that O.J. Simpson will be regaining his freedom, in a fashion, there is surely a great deal on his “to-do” list, and one of those items may be a visit to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.


After all, there’s nothing stopping him from attending the annual enshrinement ceremonies to which so many past inductees go each year; not even any kind of prohibition against his attendance mandated by the Hall…because, it seems, the folks there are perfectly fine with Simpson showing up.

According to an article over at, when asked if Simpson might attend the annual event, officials at the Hall of Fame responded, “All Hall of Famers are invited to attend the annual enshrinement.”

Simpson would be unable to attend this year’s festivities, however. Enshrinement ceremonies for the 2017 class will take place the first weekend of August, but Simpson won’t actually be paroled any time before October 1.

Additionally, Simpson will be subject to travel restrictions as part of the terms of his release. Once he is unshackled of those, there is no practical reason he would not be able to attend.

As ESPN notes, despite Simpson’s high-profile infamy, his own Hall of Fame bust has remained on display since he was first inducted. Additionally, the bylaws of the Hall of Fame prevent voters from considering anything other than what a player does on the field as criteria for enshrinement.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large