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I am Woman, Hear Me Shoot: Chicago-Area Women Actively Buying Guns for Self-Defense

Chicago’s outrageous and ongoing problem with criminal gun violence is prompting the women of that city to take up arms in the interest of defending themselves, and a great many of the ladies are African-American, a particularly at-risk demographic in the city, presently.


As reported by the South China Morning Post, Chicago-area women are buying firearms and joining gun clubs as the deadly climate there continues to prevail, and authorities clearly remain unable to get any sort of handle on it. Through the middle of July, there had been 1,557 shootings and 369 people murdered in Chicago, and, according to the Post, it is local gangs that are behind practically all of the carnage. The Post also notes that the shootings are “indiscriminate,” and it is precisely that random nature to much of the violence that has so many in Chicago living in fear.

One local woman who’s decided to be proactive about her own safety, Shandrea Boyd, a physical therapist, cites the nonspecific aspect of much of the violence as a principal reason why she decided to become well-versed with a gun.

“Things happen in the neighborhoods all the time,” said Boyd. “You see people shooting on expressways. You see people shooting everywhere. You just never know. So you’d better be prepared [rather] than unprepared.”

Boyd isn’t wrong. Just last week, those wounded in shootings included a 78-year-old man, as well as a six-year-old girl and her four-year-old brother.

Another local woman, 71-year-old Marietta Crowder, is now a gun club member and frequent visitor to the range, despite her age as well as her rheumatoid arthritis.

“My husband influenced me and we thought about it a long time. Maybe you need a gun these days, in your house at least,” said Crowder.

Especially if you live in Chicago.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large