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Gallup: Nearly Half of Americans Believe Abortion to Be “Morally Wrong”

How many people do you think believe abortion to be wrong?

If your principal sources of news are a part of the so-called mainstream media, the number is likely very small. After all, the popular narrative, or what we are led to believe is the popular narrative, suggests that those with anti-abortion views are in the distinct minority, and are, essentially, dinosaurs…relics from a time long passed.

Except that’s not true.


An item over at tells of the results of a recent Gallup Poll on abortion, results that indicate the number of Americans who consider abortion to be “morally wrong” is sizable 48 percent.

Nearly half of all Americans; hardly an insignificant number.

Notably, however, the number of Americans who think abortion should be outright illegal is considerably smaller – just 20 percent. On that, Frank Newport and Robert Bird, authors of a report on the disparity between the number of people who find a behavior to be morally questionable and the number who think it should be made illegal, say that “Americans are often more likely to view behaviors as morally wrong than they are to advocate that these behaviors be made illegal.”

The pair goes onto say that although “many of those sympathetic to an anti-abortion position are demonstrably not sympathetic to a ‘total ban’ type of strategy,” the very same people would likely “be more sympathetic to efforts to place restrictions on abortion ... which in many ways embodies the strategy groups opposing abortion have taken.”

First things first. To bring about the end of readily-available abortions, people must first find abortion to be morally objectionable, and that seems to be happening, in growing numbers.

It’s something.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr.