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Although it is certainly fair to accuse China of representing the pot calling the kettle black in this case, it is still worth a mention that pop music mega-star Justin Bieber has been banned from performing in the country because of his “bad behavior,” as the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture noted on its official web page.


From the bureau’s website:

“Justin Bieber is a young foreign singer who is talented at singing but also controversial. Therefore, it’s not appropriate to bring in artists who show bad behavior. However, in the process of growing up and improving his words and deeds, he can truly develop into a singer who is beloved of the masses.”

In its reporting on the ban, The Telegraph outlined a bit of Bieber’s history when it comes to some “bad behavior” he exhibited within the U.S., including an arrest for drunk driving as well as an odd moment in which he decided the thing to do was to urinate in a bucket while screaming “F--- Bill Clinton!” at a portrait of the former president. As for any said “bad behavior” in which he previously engaged on Chinese soil, while some of his behavior was a bit curious…he was carried up the Great Wall by his bodyguards, and went skateboarding through Beijing’s streets as he was being chased by his entourage…it’s difficult to see any of it as genuinely troublesome.

Nevertheless, apparently the totality of Bieber’s missteps are too much for Chinese authorities, and so he is now persona non grata in a country that has also seen fit to ban, among others, Lady Gaga for being “unsuitable.”

All of that said, no word if China is planning to ban any of its own government leaders for presiding over a country with one of the worst human rights records anywhere in the world.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large