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Popular Conservative Pundit Levin Tells Trump “Keep Tweeting"

While so many have been pleading with Donald Trump to tweet less, well-known conservative author and media personality Mark Levin is just fine with the president’s reliance on Twitter to get his message out to the masses.


Appearing Tuesday on Fox News’ Fox & Friends, Levin basically said that very thing.

“If he doesn’t tweet, how in the world is he going to get his message out? So I say keep tweeting, just be careful about what you tweet and don’t be pushed or bullied into not tweeting.”

While much of the criticism of Trump’s continued, frequent use of Twitter is rooted in the notion that it’s undignified for him to tweet in the way he does, many of his strongest supporters see it as one key way he’s able to circumvent what they regard as a dishonest media out to bring him down.

In another appearance the previous evening on Fox News’ Hannity, Levin touched on the utility of Trump using Twitter to stay one step ahead of the purveyors of what has come to be called “fake news.”

“[I] want to thank the president for something — he gets attacked for this,” Levin said. “Thank you for taking on the media. It’s a damn about time somebody did. Don’t stop tweeting. Be more careful with your tweets, but don’t stop tweeting because you’re able to go over the head of the media the way Reagan did with his speeches. He could be more careful. I don’t care. Are the media careful about what they report? No. In any event, I’m one of those — count me in the minority that says, ‘Keep at it, keep at it, keep at it.’”

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large