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Ms. Magazine Asks: “When Will Wonder Woman Be a Fat, Femme Woman of Color?”

Anyone out there remember seminal (post-World War II, anyway) feminist Gloria Steinem, and the magazine of female empowerment she created, Ms.?

Well, they’re both still out there, fighting what they clearly see as the good fight.


On that note, a recent, high-profile blog post over at Ms. Magazine’s website, authored by Stephanie Abraham, asks out loud what has been, apparently, a pressing question rattling around in the heads of ardent feminists and other social justice warrior types (who, pretty much by definition, are also feminists) :

“When will Wonder Woman be a fat, femme woman of color?”

When, indeed?

You don’t even really need to read the post (although you should) to know what Abraham is griping about. She takes issue with the fact that Wonder Woman, as portrayed in the recently-released and very well-received film starring Gal Gadot, is still a somewhat-traditional girl, while also exhibiting standard superhero traits. In addition to Abraham being clearly bent out of shape over Wonder Woman’s “heteronormativity,” she is displeased with the fact that this 2017 version of the character is neither fat nor a woman of color.

The kvetching over her lack of rotundity seems flatly bizarre. Are there any overweight superheroes? Isn’t part of what makes them the superheroes the fact they are physical specimens?

Setting aside the matter of Wonder Woman’s color (a black or brown Wonder Woman would be just fine with a whole bunch of folks of all shades)…the fact that anyone is perturbed the character is not portrayed in a mass-market film as an obese lesbian is just another example of why one should never allow themselves to become so possessed of, and by, their chosen agenda that common sense flies entirely out the window.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large