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Now You Can Get Paid To Drive Your Car Without A Passenger

In recent years, it seems like the most popular part time gig is so called ride sharing. The leader in this niche is Uber. Ride sharing offers a more affordable alternative to taxis, and a robust part time opportunity for drivers. Uber drivers will tell you, however, that they are not always dealing with the most pleasant and courteous passengers. One story you will hear frequently is that of disrespectful passengers, and some that are even drunk. If an inebriated passenger throwing up in your car is not bad enough, there is the unknown risk associated with picking up total strangers.

UberEats provides an alternative to transporting passengers: delivering food. UberEats drivers get paid much in the same way, but don't have to deal with the headaches of passengers. In many cities, deliveries can be made on a bicycle or even using a motor scooter (meaning you don't necessarily even need a car). If you do use a car to make deliveries, the requirements are much less stringent than for standard Uber drivers. Apparently, older cars are OK since you are transporting food and not passengers (as old as model year 1996 versus 2002 requirement for Uber). 


Another difference is that UberEats drivers that sign up a few days in advance to make deliveries get more opportunities, as some of the meal deliveries are scheduled days in ahead of time. Explained further here from -

Full restaurant delivery – Similar to Postmates and DoorDash, this is on-demand delivery from restaurants. Customers can choose any menu item from a restaurant and drivers pick up food at the restaurant and bring the food to customers.

UberEATS Instant Delivery – EATS drivers pick up pre-prepared meals from  distribution centers and store them in a warm bag. Drivers have to schedule shifts, and service hours are typically limited to lunch and dinner time hours. Customers order from a fixed menu.

2017-05-14_20-59-08How much money can you make?

It is always tough to nail down the actual earnings from an opportunity like this, as there are so many variables. We found this social media post that seemed to put things into perspective -

Over the past three days I've brought in almost $200 making 24 deliveries. No, it's not quit your job income but it can bring in some extra cash when you need it. I started driving to help pay for my books this semester.

Other posts we read seemed to indicate that the earnings were similar to those of delivering pizza. One difference, however, is that presently the UberEats platform does not allow for tipping on the app. This does not mean that drivers never receive a cash tip, it is just not as likely, as UberEats users generally like to pay exclusively through the company's app. Even without tipping, the delivery charge earned by drivers seems to put them on par with the overall earnings of pizza delivery. The big difference, however, is that UberEats drivers can control their own schedule, which is not typically the case for pizza delivery drivers. 

How do I get started?

If you are older than 19 years old, have a good driving record, and insurance, you likely qualify to become a driver. Click Here To Find Out More Details And To Apply

If you are a driver for UberEats, please use the comments section below and we can start a conversation.

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