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On his program last Friday, nationally syndicated radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh declared over the airwaves what many have been thinking: that President Donald Trump is the target of a concerted effort by angry collectivist politicians, and their enablers in the media, to overthrow his administration. Limbaugh was speaking to the matter of the many inquiries by the left that suggest a connection between Trump and the government of Russia. Even though there is no evidence of any such connection, that hasn’t stopped the left from engaging in the disingenuous strategy of talking up the possibility of a relationship... Read more →

Jim discusses his favorite digital currencies and predicts which may be the best one going forward. Discussed on this episode - Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), And Litecoin (LTC). Trump finally getting presidential treatment now that he is on foreign soil? North Korea launches again. 10 people hospitalized for botulism, and new ID theft scam that uses a text. Read more →

Dr. Elaina George joins Jim Paris Live to discuss a wide variety of strategies on ways to save money on healthcare, including - cash only surgical centers, concierge care, medical sharing plans, direct primary care, prescription savings, and more. Dr. Elaina George is the host of the program Medicine On Call on American Web Radio, and author of the book Big Medicine. Read more →

Donald Trump is planning to do his part to save Venezuelans from the horrendous burdens put upon them by their dysfunctional socialist government. This past Thursday, in a joint press conference with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos held at the White House, Trump made it clear that he has seen enough. “People don’t have enough to eat. People have no food. There’s great violence. And we will do whatever is necessary, and we’ll work together to do whatever is necessary to help with fixing that, and I’m really talking on a humanitarian level,” Trump said. Venezuela’s descent into madness is... Read more →

If you’ve been paying at least a little attention to the state of higher education in the country at this time, you know it continues to become a haven for those inclined to exhibit some of the most bizarre behavior, and reflect some of the most peculiar values. On that note, one of the concerns stemming from the progressive takeover of campuses everywhere is just what sort of actual education students are receiving at school. Well, in a poll conducted by the think tank New America, it turns out that just 25 percent of Americans believe higher education in the... Read more →

Although the Korean War is generally thought of as having lasted from 1950 to 1953, many are aware that North and South Korea are still, technically, at war; while an armistice was signed in July of ’53, there has never been a final peace treaty consummated by the two nations, and the decades since the end of what we generally think of when we say “Korean War” has been marked by a great deal of tension…tension that has not infrequently bubbled over into overt acts of aggression. In other words, while the Korean War, as it is popularly known, may... Read more →

There are a lot of consequences to being plain, old tired, that’s no secret, and it turns out, according to the results of a recent study published in the Royal Society Open Science Journal, that being less well-liked may be one of them. Huh? As detailed in a piece over at, researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden took photographs of 25 male and female students after they had slept for eight hours each on two consecutive nights, and then took photos again after having the same students sleep just four hours a night for two consecutive nights. The... Read more →

According to evangelist Franklin Graham, the time has come for “all churches” to “pull out” of any involvement with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). While the BSA remains one of the largest youth organizations in the country, policy shifts made by the group in recent years with respect to the issues of gay membership and gender identity have put them on the wrong side of the values discussion, in the eyes of traditional America. Historically, the BSA has been strongly rooted, by virtue of official policy stands, in Christianity and what many now see as old-fashioned values. Even today,... Read more →

Not mincing words, Poland’s Minister of the Interior, Mariusz Błaszczak, said pointedly on radio recently that giving in to European Union quotas in accepting more migrants would “certainly be worse” than whatever sanctions or other punishments the EU might administer against his country. Back in 2015, EU leaders had agreed that member states would accept asylum-seekers over the course of the subsequent two years in order to help bring relief to Greece and Italy – the governing body is seeking to relocate throughout the rest of the EU up to 160,000 refugees from those two nations. According to Express, if... Read more →

Being published under the iconic Marvel Comics brand is, apparently, not enough to realize success for a new comic book series that had topical, social justice themes as an ideological center of gravity. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ta-Nehisi Coates, co-writer of Black Panther and Friends, revealed recently to the website The Verge that the series was being dropped by Marvel because of low sales. Marvel has yet to confirm Coates’ announcement. In recent years, high-profile comics have started to evidence storylines and central character changes reflective of the overtly progressive narrative that has come to dominate much of the... Read more →

During the morning hours of July 8, D.C. resident Seth Rich was shot and killed - after being beaten - while he was walking back to his home and chatting on the phone with his girlfriend. Police have no leads to speak of, and are unsure as to a motive for the killing. Rich’s wallet, watch, and phone were still on his person when he was found. While Rich’s killing may ultimately prove to be a robbery gone wrong, many have speculated that his job as a Democratic National Committee (DNC) staff member may have played a part in his... Read more →

Insofar as the war on drugs is concerned, the trend, over the last couple of decades, has been increasingly in the direction of de-escalating punishment and even decriminalizing select offenses and substances. Whatever one’s opinion is on the use of illicit drugs, the fact that said use has continued to grow…in spite of the near-incalculable sums of money that have been spent on the crackdown effort…long ago opened the door to at least the consideration of approaching the worldwide drug problem in a modified fashion. Well, as far as that goes, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is having none of it.... Read more →

Borrowers of all credit stripes are now finding it relatively easy to access unsecured lines of credit, according to an article that appears over at the Detroit Free Press. Now that the financial collapse of 2008, as well as much of its acute fallout, is in the past, says personal finance columnist Susan Tompor, we’re seeing the largest number of consumers with credit cards since 2005. Citing data provided by TransUnion, Tompor reports that well over 170 million Americans were able to access a credit card as of the end of Q1 2017, which is the highest such number in... Read more →

The concerted effort by the left at creating obstructionist, unproductive environments at local town halls held by Republican members of Congress appear to be ratcheting up in intensity. Once content to “merely” scream at their GOP hosts, it now appears that the verbal onslaught may be giving way to one more physical in nature. As reported by The Daily Caller, just last Thursday, North Dakota Rep. Kevin Cramer found himself involved in a physical confrontation initiated by a town hall attendee who apparently decided that hollering at the politician wasn’t enough. “Will the rich benefit from, if the health care... Read more →

An article over at highlights the distinct struggles for Christians in the Middle East, presently. As a matter of fact, according to the piece, the combined and highly-coercive efforts of radical Islamist groups like the Islamic State…as well as the Islamic political regimes dominating the region…have made life largely intolerable for those of a Christian orientation. As a result of the relentless persecution, it is anticipated that, by year 2025, Christians will make up just three percent of the entire population of the Middle East. While Christians began leaving the region in earnest roughly a century ago, the exodus... Read more →