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Given what is obviously going on within the ranks of the Democratic Party right now, this just seems like a goofy assessment, even for a person who’s a professional shill for said party.


Did you happen to hear what House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said last Sunday on ABC News’ This Week?

According to Pelosi, Democrats are “100 percent unified,” presently.

Does that sound right to you?

Here’s what she said to host Jonathan Karl, when he asked her how she would grade the Democrats this far into the new Trump administration.

“Oh my gosh. In terms of unity, 100 percent unified. That’s how we were able to work with an outside mobilization channeling the energy of the American people to defeat their drastic, horrible health care bill.”

We’ll assume she’s referring to the one that just passed the House.

Beyond that, the fact, obvious for anyone to see, is that the Democrats are in great disarray, at all levels.

Not only is there great division among the rank-and-file about whether the party’s priorities should remain focused on fringe progressive interests, or return to the concerns of the average working man and woman throughout the country…but high-profile Democratic politicians can’t seem to work well together, either. As The Washington Free Beacon points out, Pelosi herself is at odds with Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez over his recent declaration that pro-lifers have no place in the party, and Bernie Sanders is now regularly calling out the Dems for what he sees as the party’s abandonment of the sort of economic populism that has always resonated strongly with blue collar whites in the nation’s heartland.

“100 percent unified.”


By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large