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Jewish Student Flees Berlin School After Physical and Verbal Abuse by Muslim Students

In a frightening reminder of days gone by, a German student at a leading Berlin school has been removed from there by his parents after suffering repeated anti-Semitic abuse at the hands of fellow classmates.


The victim, age 14, was frequently kicked and punched by students of Middle Eastern and Turkish origin, according to the Sunday Times. It has been reported that the abuse was of a severity such that the student was left fearing for his life. The violent incidents took place at the Friedenauer Gemeinschaftsschule, said to be a fashionable secondary school in the city.

The student, known only as Ferdinand, said, “First my Turkish friend Emre said he could no longer hang out with me because I was Jewish. Then other pupils started saying stereotypical things about how Jews only want money and hate Muslims.”

“This boy, Jassin, whose parents are Palestinian, asked me if I’m from Israel,” continued Ferdinand. “I’ve never been to Israel. He said Palestine will burn Israel and his friends said Turkey will burn Israel. He kept kicking me.”

“One day he came up to me from behind and he punched me in the back. I became dizzy . . . I had a bruise for a week or two. Every time something bad happened, I told myself I could manage it, but it only got worse,” the student revealed.

According to the Central Council of Jews in Germany, the allegations of what took occurred at the Friedenauer Gemeinschaftsschule represent “anti-Semitism of the ugliest form.”

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large