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Another Day, Another Serious Altercation Aboard a Commercial Airline Flight

When it comes to fights aboard commercial planes now, have we already reached the point of deciding that there’s “nothing to see here”?


The latest fiasco took place Monday, just after passengers boarded an All Nippon Airways (ANA) flight in Tokyo, Japan that was headed for Los Angeles. As reported by, a few minutes prior to takeoff, two men began throwing punches at one another, with one of the two, for reasons that still remain unclear, clearly appearing to be the aggressor.

According to witness Corey Hour, who actually managed to record a good portion of the fight on video, a man in a red shirt turned to another male passenger and said that he was “going to kill him.”

The passenger on the receiving end of the threat, now identified as Ryan Humphreys, immediately called for help.

“Someone, help!” Humphreys yelled. “This guy is crazy!”

At which point the main wearing the red shirt hollers back, “I’ll kill you!”

Flight attendants were eventually able to corral the man in red and escort him off the plane.

“He literally just flipped,” witness Hour told The Washington Post. “Nobody knows why.”

After the aggressor left the plane, however, he returned, and wanted to go another round with Humphreys. This time, a flight attendant ended up taking a shot to the face.

Hour said that, at one point, the man yelled, “You think I’m crazy? What about the government?”

Eventually, the man in red left the plane a second time, at which point he was arrested by local authorities.

No clear motive for the outburst, beyond what is surely one more person living in an emotional “red zone” in this frenetic day and age, has been uncovered as yet.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large