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Swedish Columnist: Get Rid of Cars to Get Rid of Terrorism

With learned opinions like this prominently featured in one of Sweden’s largest media organs, it is easy to see why so many think the country is on its last legs.

It seems that in the wake of the recent terror attack in Stockholm, in which an Islamic State sympathizer hijacked a delivery truck and used it to mow down a bunch of folks, one of that nation’s better-known news columnists, Eva Franchell, has come up with a way to stop such attacks that has left lots of people scratching their heads.


As reported by a number of news outlets, including ZeroHedge, Franchell thinks a great way to deal with the threat of these kinds of terror attacks…is to simply ban vehicles.

In an opinion piece written for Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, Franchell refers to automobiles as “effective murder machines,” saying they “must simply be removed from city centers and places where people gather, if people are to be protected in future.”

“It just isn’t reasonable that a big truck can be driven right into one of Stockholm’s busiest streets on a Friday afternoon right before Easter,” she goes on to write.


Now, if you think her opinion on the subject is about as nutty as it can get, hang on. For her part, Swedish politician Karolina Skog, presently the Minister for the Environment, chimed in with this:

“Cars are driven largely by men so by giving a lot of space to cars; we’re giving a lot of space to men — at the expense of women.”

So it’s not just that cars are dangerous; it’s that men driving cars create an extra-troublesome threat…or something.

Michael Savage may well have had it right all along; liberalism may, in fact, be a mental disorder.

How else can you explain these ideas?

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large