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Once again, those persnickety laws of economics are getting in the way of social engineering. An article over at the Washington Examiner brings attention to the results of a recent study done by none other than Harvard Business School, one that reveals higher mandatory minimum wages do, indeed, exert a profoundly negative effect on the very businesses required to pay those earnings. Specifically, the research examined the impact of San Francisco’s acutely high minimum wage on local restaurants. Although the federal minimum wage is $7.25, and California’s statewide minimum wage requirement is presently $10.50, San Francisco, in all of its... Read more →

An article over at the popular ecommerce site Shopify reveals seven traits that millionaires tend to have in common. When you see them (and you would do well to read the full article embedded here), none will likely shock you, but there may be one or two that you will see as perhaps being a little surprising. One of the more interesting characteristics noted in the piece pertains to spending habits. Many tend to instinctively think of millionaires as people who are jetting all over the world, spending on lavish vacations, and engaging in other, related behaviors like buying expensive... Read more →

The social narrative of late informs us that the patriotic displays we all used to think of as pretty generic are now tantamount to expressions of specific political ideals. Of course, the demonization of garden-variety patriotism is the work of our pals on the left. We’re all familiar with NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the playing of the national anthem before football games. To Kaepernick and his ideological brethren, the national anthem is not simply that; it is an expression of ideology, and thus something with which to take issue. The Super Bowl champion New England Patriots... Read more →

There was a time in this country…and it was not all that long ago…when everyone, regardless of ideology, would absolutely cringe at the thought of regulating political speech. Beyond the obvious speech protections enshrined in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the simple notion that people should be able to speak their minds, particularly when it comes to political matters, is as ingrained in the historical fabric of America as much as anything is. Sadly, however, that view of speech and political thought within our borders is very much in jeopardy. For one thing, there are the frequent surveys... Read more →

No, this isn’t downright stupid or anything. Courtesy of the folks over at The Daily Caller, we have learned that Clemson University has gone all-in on diversity training for its professors, setting aside nearly $27,000 for related training materials. That may be an eye-opener, in and of itself, for some people, but what has really left some aghast is just what sort of lessons this information seeks to impart. To set the stage, note that the training materials, such as they are, consist of slides that show fictional scenarios designed to be instructive. In one such scenario, a character by... Read more →

With learned opinions like this prominently featured in one of Sweden’s largest media organs, it is easy to see why so many think the country is on its last legs. It seems that in the wake of the recent terror attack in Stockholm, in which an Islamic State sympathizer hijacked a delivery truck and used it to mow down a bunch of folks, one of that nation’s better-known news columnists, Eva Franchell, has come up with a way to stop such attacks that has left lots of people scratching their heads. As reported by a number of news outlets, including... Read more →

The Internal Revenue Service has always wanted your money. Now we know they’re very serious about getting it. In a recent announcement, the IRS revealed that it is now going to be using private debt collection agencies to help retrieve what is, reportedly, an ever-increasing mountain of tax debt owed by John Q. Public. According to an item from NBC News on the IRS’s new effort at collecting unpaid taxes, the agency will make a more gradual move toward the use of debt collectors. Initially, “merely” hundreds of taxpayers will begin hearing from collection agencies, but, as the year wears... Read more →

As if the world wasn’t already strange enough. That bastion of intellectual prowess, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has its own, proprietary publishing outlet, called MIT Press. It’s likely you’ve heard of MIT Press before. Known principally as a publisher of academic journals, MIT Press also makes it their business to publish scholarly books, as well. Do you suppose one of their latest offerings, Communism for Kids, counts as one of those? You read that right: Communism for Kids. According to Heat Street, Communism for Kids represents one of MIT Press’s first efforts at publishing a book for young people.... Read more →

Sweden appears to have taken a giant step deeper down the black hole of progressivism, with a recent decision by the Swedish Labor Court of Appeal that demands a midwife assist in abortions as a part of pursuing her profession…or lose her livelihood altogether. In a story reported by Anglican Ink, it seems that the midwife, Ellinor Grimmark has a strong belief in the sanctity of human life, so much so that she is unwilling to provide assistance during any abortion procedures. This unwillingness has resulted in three different medical clinics in the district of Jönköping to refuse hiring her.... Read more →

Remember when you’d go on a school trip to a museum or a petting zoo, and maybe you’d come back with a t-shirt or a book? Boy, have times changed. As reported by The Christian Post, a Tulsa, Oklahoma mother is beside herself after her daughter went on a school trip and returned with a birth control device. Not in a bag or box, mind you…but inside of her. It seems this all began when Miracle Foster’s daughter decided to attend a lecture on sex education at her school, the Langston Hughes Academy for Arts & Technology. After the young... Read more →

Do you like working out? A lot of people certainly do, and in this day and age in which there seems to be a greatly-heightened consciousness about health habits and overall well-being, regular exercise is something that all Americans, both young and old, seem comfortable incorporating into their lives. Well, according to one Ph.D. economist, those same Americans could look forward to having just as rosy an outlook when it comes to their financial health if they approached their finances just as they approach exercise - ritualistically. In an article over at, Annamaria Lusardi, the chair of economics and... Read more →

By now, we have all seen the viral video of the man dragged off a United Airlines flight in Chicago. Passengers were reportedly offered as much as $800, and ultimately no one would agree to be voluntarily bumped from the flight. I found it odd that with a plane full of passengers, that there were not four people happy to get bumped for $800. What might have made this particular case harder than usual, however, is that being bumped would have required an overnight stay in Chicago. Apparently there were no other flights available for the rest of the day.... Read more →

Lower back pain; who doesn’t have it? According to an article over at Men’s Journal, while not literally all of us suffer from the discomfort associated with a “back out of whack,” it’s estimated that 31 million Americans – about 10 percent of the country – deals with it at one time or another. Honestly, as relatively large as that number is, it still seems small, given all the people we know who regularly complain about a sore lower back. Notably, lower back pain can be attributable to a lot of factors beyond the obvious…including something called tight hip flexors.... Read more →

According to information published in the New York Post, people seem all too happy to leave the New York area. Since 2010, over one million people have moved out of New York and settled elsewhere in the United States. Indeed, 223,423 of them left the area in 2016, a figure that represents a 19 percent increase over the number who split in 2015, when 187,034 decided it was time for them to go. Somewhat revealingly, those who make it a point to study these kinds of things say that this sort of trend becomes most pronounced during periods when the... Read more →