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Mother Outraged After Daughter Implanted with Birth Control Device on School Trip

Remember when you’d go on a school trip to a museum or a petting zoo, and maybe you’d come back with a t-shirt or a book?

Boy, have times changed.


As reported by The Christian Post, a Tulsa, Oklahoma mother is beside herself after her daughter went on a school trip and returned with a birth control device.

Not in a bag or box, mind you…but inside of her.

It seems this all began when Miracle Foster’s daughter decided to attend a lecture on sex education at her school, the Langston Hughes Academy for Arts & Technology. After the young lady and some other students said they were interested in learning more, the school staff took it upon themselves to organize a trip for the kids to Youth Services of Tulsa.

Although the school did ask and receive permission from Foster for her daughter to participate in the trip to the clinic, the mother insists she thought that she was merely allowing her child to visit the facility for the purpose of getting some additional information.

What she got, however, was a hormonal birth control device, injected in her upper arm.

Miracle Foster is, quite understandably, upset.

“My child went on a field trip and she came back with this in her arm,” said Foster.

“Had I known that this field trip was for her to get that done, I would not have allowed her to.”

School principal Rodney Clark issued the following statement, which, if you read it carefully, goes a long way to revealing how thoroughly dangerous the federal government and its enabling arm, the public schools, have become to our American children and to the sovereignty of their parents.

“This was not a field trip. Youth Services of Tulsa does an annual in-service on Sex Education. They offer students an opportunity to contact them on their own for more information. The parent gave her child permission to leave the school. Under Title X, once young people are at the clinic and are of reproductive age, they can make decisions on their own without parental consent. As you can understand this situation involves a minor and we do not release information about students. Nevertheless, the student was well within their rights of Title X which is a federal guideline that provides reduced cost family planning services to persons of all reproductive age.”


By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large