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Students at Evangelical University in Pennsylvania Become Pro-LGBT Activists on Campus

It appears that no college campus is safe any longer from the radical student elements of political correctness, social justice warrior-ism, and all the rest of it.


According to The Christian Post, Eastern University, an ostensibly Christian school situated near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, found itself last week the platform for something called “LGBT+ Solidarity Week,” courtesy of the student group Refuge, as well as the Political Activism Club.

One Eastern student, writing at the social content site Odyssey, outlined the five goals of LGBT+ Solidarity Week: “Provide sensitivity training for faculty;” “Recognize Refuge as a safe space instead of a controversial group;” “Remove the phrase ‘between a man and a woman’ from the definition of marriage in the student handbook;” “Remove the phrase ‘referring to the anatomical sex of the student’ that is used when referring to housing placement;” and “Remove the phrase ‘homosexual conduct’ from the examples of ‘moral turpitude’ in the faculty handbook.”

According to Eastern’s webpage devoted to describing its Clubs and Organizations, “the members of Refuge are committed to creating an atmosphere of support for those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning their sexuality; educating other students at Eastern University about sexual orientation and gender identity issues through community and conversation; and working towards understanding how students should respond to one another and incorporate what they have learned as members of the Eastern University community.”

Ironically, Eastern University was originally founded back in 1925 to be “a theologically conservative alternative to a nearby liberal seminary,” according to The Christian Post.

Oddly juxtaposed with what is clearly a stridently leftist presence on campus is the university’s current student handbook, which declares, among other traditional ideas, that “as a Christian community, Eastern University expects a sexual lifestyle that is consistent with our understanding of biblical teaching.”

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large