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Working from Home is the Best Thing Ever…or IS It?

At first blush, working from home seems like the workplace “gold standard” to a lot of folks. But is that really the case?


According to Fox Business, a new, comprehensive study from the United Nations, of all places, is suggesting that while working from home clearly has its benefits, it also has the potential to wreak havoc with elements of a person’s health and wellness.

Researchers surveyed workers from 15 countries, including the United States, and found that 41 percent of “highly-mobile” employees declared they were suffering from stress in some quantity, while only 25 percent of employees who work in a traditional office environment said that stress was present in their lives.

Additionally, the survey found that 42 percent of those who work from home said they are afflicted with insomnia, while just 29 percent of office-based workers said insomnia was a problem for them.

Kate Lister of Global Workplace Analytics in Carlsbad, Calif. tells Fox Business that working from home, per se, is not the problem, but being unable or unwilling to stop working is.

“We love the ability to work everywhere and anywhere, but it has a dark side. Some employers are beginning to recognize this and enforce downtime,” Lister said.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large