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NYC Prep School Parents Engineer Cancellation of Student Skating Party…Because Trump

Apparently, Donald Trump has power over practically all things.


According to the New York Post, an elite New York City prep school, The Dalton School, was forced to cancel its annual ice skating party because of the rabid anti-Trump sentiment among parents.

What does one have to do with the other, you ask?

It seems that the party is held at Trump Wollman Rink in Central Park. Yes, that Trump, of course.

Wollman Rink had been around for a long time before it began bearing the name of our fearless leader. As for how that came about, the rink was closed in 1980 by the city for renovations. As is the case with lots of projects on which American cities embark, the effort became an out-and-out mess, and six years after the “temporary” closure – plus $13 million later - the rink was still out of service. In stepped Trump to finish the job, which, by all accounts, he did admirably. The facility is still operated, in part, by The Trump Organization.

So, of course, now that Trump is president, tolerant liberals won’t set foot…or allow their kids to set foot…on the ice there.

It was, in fact, the unwillingness of so many parents to permit their kids to attend this year’s party that forced the cancellation. Reportedly, the Parents Association of The Dalton School sent out a letter on Thursday saying the “Dalton on Ice” event was a no-go this year because “it would not be financially prudent,” and citing “significantly lower attendance” as the root cause of the money problem.

The New York Post article quotes one unidentified parent who expressed obvious disappointment with the way things played out.

“I think it is completely insane. Like him or not, it feels like a strange place for New Yorkers to protest. And sad that kids now have no skating party.”

Because Trump.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large