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Facebook Issues Apology to Homeschooling Mom for Suspending Her over Post on Homosexuality

The Christian Post is reporting that Facebook has issued an apology to a popular Christian video blogger for suspending her account in connection with a post she had written about the Bible’s views against homosexuality.


Elizabeth Johnston is an outspoken Christian conservative and homeschooler of 10 kids, as well as the person behind “The Activist Mommy,” a website that features videos and other content of Johnston sharing her strong opinions on a variety of issues near and dear to Christians and conservatives across the country. She is known, as well, for the companion Facebook Page of “The Activist Mommy,” and it is there Johnston ran up against the powers that be at Facebook.

It seems that Elizabeth Johnston had made a post over six months ago that itself was a “thread” response to someone who had come to her Page and challenged her views. Johnston’s response to the other person involved, in part, citing Scriptural passages that address homosexuality, including quotations from the Book of Leviticus that describe homosexuality as “detestable,” as well as an “abomination.”

Well, that was, apparently, way too much for the folks at Facebook, and when word of Johnston’s post finally made it back to them (no doubt by way of a “concerned citizen”), her account was suspended on Feb. 9, specifically because it didn’t “follow the Facebook Community Standards.” She was out of action for three days, and the “offensive” post was entirely removed by Facebook.

When Johnston was able to resume her Facebook Page activity on Feb. 12, she created another post to explain to her followers what had happened, and that entry included a screengrab of the original, offending post.

Well, THAT did it, and she was suspended again, this time for a period of seven days.

Johnston was in no way quiet about what was taking place, and her story went viral, to include being picked up by such outlets as The New York Times and Fox News. Not long after, Facebook restored both her Page and the posts that had been removed, and issued an apology, saying their actions were made “in error.”

Johnston, however, isn’t buying that anything was done “in error,” and remains strident in her belief that Facebook was very purposeful in what it had done to her. In a February 24 post on her Page, Johnston wrote, in part:

“Average conservative facebook users are being censored in droves! That's NOT an accident and has to stop! Most victims of Facebook's arbitrary and biased censorship don't have the luxury of getting a media response from facebook. I am on a mission to expose this and see it changed.”

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large