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Russian Spy Who Allegedly Helped Compile Secret Dossier on Trump Found Dead

You know that 35-page dossier on Donald Trump supposedly put together by a British spy with the help of Russian intelligence reports, reports that suggested the existence of sex tapes involving Trump and Russian prostitutes?

Well, one of the key figures behind the whole mess has suddenly turned up dead.

It is not the British spy, now identified as Christopher Steele, who bit the dust, but, rather, the person believed to be his inside man on the Russian side of things, a former KGB spy by the name of Oleg Erovinkin.

2017-01-30_10-04-47According to The Sun, Erovinkin was found dead in the back of his car back on December 26.

Reportedly, the Russian ex-spook had been serving as an aide to Igor Sechin, the former Deputy Prime Minister in Vladimir Putin’s cabinet. Sechin is presently the chairman of Roseneft, an oil company that is majority-owned by the Russian government.

Back in 2014, a CNBC article indicated that Sechin is “widely believed to be Russia's second-most powerful person.”

The Sun’s reporting notes that Sechin was himself a frequent mention in the dossier.

There has been no official cause of death released, although there are reports Erovinkin died of a heart attack.

In the back of a black Lexus.

Needless to say, the timing of Erovinkin’s passing, as well as the suspicious circumstances surrounding his death, have led to rampant speculation that his death is connected in some profound way to the dossier.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large