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Trump takes office amid multiple controversies. First, during a protest speech, Madonna made comments about thoughts of blowing up the White House - now there is a Secret Service Investigation. Next, a feud between the media and the Trump press team over how many people actually turned out for the Presidential Inauguration. All of this, amid violent protests and dozens of arrests - some protesters facing up to ten years in prison. Jim shares his how claims more than 10 free meals each year on his birthday, and you can too. And Jim gives his review of the Dollywood theme... Read more →

Now that Trump is president and Republicans are firmly in control of both houses of Congress, the mainstream media is in panic mode over much of the new administration’s agenda, including its plans for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare. As you surely know, Trump’s mantra ever since he hit the campaign trail has been “repeal and replace,” and now that his presidency is in full effect, everyone, on both sides of the political dividing line, is expecting big changes to the current health care law relatively soon. It is no secret that the ACA is perhaps... Read more →

Well, that was quick. United Nations opponent Donald Trump took the office just last Friday, and already there’s a bill floating around that, if passed, would require the United States to effectively end its membership in the U.N. altogether. Actually, to be precise, the bill, called the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017, was proposed back on January 3, but there is little doubt the introducing congressman, Alabama Rep. Mike Rogers, as well as the six cosponsors, felt comfortable getting the ball rolling on their effort given that Donald Trump was soon to move into the White House. According to... Read more →

Apparently, publicly threatening the new President of the United States is now a “thing.” Most are familiar with the fact that it’s against the law to threaten the president, and it appears, at least throughout the modern era, that such threats were rarely ever made. They were rare for two reasons: For one thing, making such threats can come with stiff penalties, and also, people have generally been historically too decent to think, let alone say, such things. We are, however, not so decent any longer, to be sure. Just yesterday, this space told of pop star Madonna’s declaration made... Read more →

And there it is. On Friday, in his inauguration speech, Donald Trump talks about putting “America first,” and on Sunday, Lindsey Graham is telling the world he doesn’t know what “America first” means. Trump’s message at his inauguration talked about protecting both the nation’s borders and economy from “the ravages of other countries,” and said that he would work to “rebuild our country with American hands and American labor.” “From this day forward a new vision will govern our land,” the new president declared. “From this day forward, it's going to be only ‘America first.’” Two days later, Sen. Lindsey... Read more →

Safety and security threats are everywhere, and, more and more, “regular folks” find themselves having to increasingly think like personal protection specialists. There is a wealth of reasons why life even in so-called “civilized,” developed nations is now fraught with risk to the degree it is, but the “whys” matter not at all when a street assault or some other kind of attack is upon you in the moment – all that matters at that time is, “Are you ready?” Part of being ready includes ensuring one has the right equipment to navigate out of immediate danger and back to... Read more →

You surely heard quite a bit about the Women’s March, a global rally on Saturday for women’s rights that had Washington, D.C. as its physical and emotional center, but which was comprised, in total, of nearly 700 marches worldwide. A handful of celebrities were notable participants, including the pop singer and actress Madonna. Indeed, Madonna’s appearance at the event before the multitudes ended up becoming very notable when she made a remark that even she likely regretted later… something about blowing up the White House, of all things. Yes, that’s right. Courtesy of Gateway Pundit, here’s a transcript of what... Read more →

My wife and I took a few days over the Christmas break to embark on a driving vacation. We made several stops along the way, but perhaps the most interesting and enjoyable, was our day at Dollywood. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. I don't drive a pickup truck, and I rarely listen to country music (forgive the stereotyping), but I wanted to check it out for myself. Dollywood was so gracious to offer two media passes for our one day visit. Being a financial guy, I did a little research on Dollywood as a business, and... Read more →

Donald Trump’s inauguration speech has been both highly praised and torn to shreds, but, whatever one thinks of it, there’s no denying one thing: His first address as the chief executive of the United States was strongly oriented in what he has long claimed is his strong Christian faith, saying that Americans are a “righteous people” and “protected by God.” The Christian Post took a careful look at what he had to say, and noted the various references the new president made to elements of faith and Scripture. “At the center of this movement is a crucial conviction, that a... Read more →

If you happened to watch much inauguration coverage, then you surely saw the heavy airtime given to pockets of especially destructive protesters in the nation’s capital. By now, the social narrative over the last few years has been so heavily characterized by vitriol, vile speech, property destruction, and physical assaults that many, sad to say, have come to take in stride behaviors and events that once would have left most of us entirely dumbstruck. That said, there are still moments that manage to leave a great number of us stunned. One of those occurred Friday night, outside the National Press... Read more →

Donald Trump is not known for his affection regarding the issue of climate change, and the new version of appears to be a reflection of that outlook. Trump has come under attack for his views on climate change, which he has previously written off as a “hoax.” Well, if the makeover of the 45th President’s official website is any indicator, it looks as though he has not changed his opinion on the subject to any discernible degree. In point of fact, according to a number of outlets, including Mediaite, there is now no reference to climate change at all... Read more →

Donald Trump delivered an inaugural address that apparently MSNBC’s Chris Matthews heard as Adolph Hitler’s 1939 speech before the Reichstag. Or something. As The Hill pointed out, when Matthews was prattling on with his cohorts over at MSNBC in the course of providing inauguration coverage, he made the following comment about something Trump said during his speech to the assembled. “When he said today ‘America First,’ it was not just the racial — I mean, I shouldn’t say racial, the Hitlerian background to it, but it was the message I kept thinking,” Matthews said. Once again, Trump is Hitler. Once... Read more →

2017 Update - I am turning 52 on Monday January 23, so it is time for my day of free birthday meals! The list of free birthday meals in this article is by no means 100% complete. You may find many local restaurants (not chains) that offer a free birthday meal. Also, since I live in Florida, there be be chains in other regions of the country that I have not listed here. What is becoming more and more the standard is that you need to be signed up in advance through the restaurant's website and receive your free meal... Read more →

What in the world? In a report that struck many as surreal, CNN decided to spend some time discussing how things might immediately play out if President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence happened to be assassinated during the course of Friday’s inauguration. Somewhere along the line, editorially, the powers that be at CNN apparently decided that a piece by correspondent Brian Todd…speculating on what would happen should such a terrible event occur…was actually a worthwhile, relevant piece of journalism. As reported by a variety of news outlets, including Sputnik International, Todd began by discussing all of the security... Read more →

The country seems to be slowly making its peace with firearms in the modern era. While guns were actually uncontroversial and apolitical components of the American landscape for most of its history so far, the last several decades have seen guns and the subject of gun control serve as an issue that has so completely divided Americans. However, it appears that more folks are coming to the opinion that, in an obviously-dangerous world, it is not reasonable to deprive citizens of the expedient means by which to defend themselves. Evidence to this effect exists in a variety of forms, including... Read more →