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CA Secretary of State Green-Lights Ballot Initiative for State Secession from the Nation

This may work out for everybody.


There have been rumblings for a while now concerning an effort on the Left Coast to ultimately see California secede from the union. Typically, whenever there is talk of a state seceding, it is largely dismissed out of hand as just talk. However, California has been seen for some time…by Californians as well by those who live everywhere else…as now being so different in values and culture from the rest of America that there might actually be something to the idea of California splitting away from the United States. This difference was emphasized in the results of the recent presidential election, where Donald Trump lost California to Hillary Clinton by the largest margin, both in terms of raw votes and percentage, of any of the states in which he was defeated by her on Nov. 8.

It is, in fact, Trump’s victory that has put the California movement to split from the rest of the country, called “Calexit,” into high gear.

Well, good news for the secessionists. As reported by a variety of news outlets, including The Hill, the California secretary of state has said that the principal group behind the secession effort, the Yes California Independence Campaign, may begin the process of collecting the signatures necessary to put the initiative on the ballot in 2018.

According to The Hill, Yes California must gather up 585,407 signatures from registered voters in the next 180 days in order to successfully see the initiative on the 2018 ballot. If that happens, and the initiative actually passes, then it would trigger a special election in 2019, one in which voters across the state would actually decide if California will split from the United States and become its own independent nation.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large