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And Just Like That, WhiteHouse.Gov Site Wiped of All References to Climate Change

Donald Trump is not known for his affection regarding the issue of climate change, and the new version of appears to be a reflection of that outlook.

Trump has come under attack for his views on climate change, which he has previously written off as a “hoax.” Well, if the makeover of the 45th President’s official website is any indicator, it looks as though he has not changed his opinion on the subject to any discernible degree.


In point of fact, according to a number of outlets, including Mediaite, there is now no reference to climate change at all on the website.

The closest that White now comes to saying anything about “climate” is at the page dedicated to the “America First Energy Plan,” where a sentence there reads, “President Trump is committed to eliminating harmful and unnecessary policies such as the Climate Action Plan and the Waters of the U.S. rule.”

Of course, many on the left, as well as others who see climate change as a serious issue, have been practically apoplectic over the scrubbing of the subject from the site, but it seems hardly a surprise that it such has happened, given the new president’s historical view on the topic.

The reality is that the issues on which a winning presidential candidate campaigned will be those that are prominent at a platform such as As for the web page devoted to climate change that could be found at the previous administration’s version of, that is still safe and sound, along with all of the other issue pages, over at

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large