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Kim Jong-un Bans Christmas, Demands North Koreans Celebrate Birth of His Grandmother

This might be more than just a little humorous if it was not the reality North Korean subjects are actually forced to live.

2016-12-26_4-55-40Kim Jong-un is a well-documented Christmas-hater. As a matter of fact, he is such a hater of Christmas that when he learned back in 2014 of South Korea’s plans to put up a Christmas tree along the border that year, he demanded that they not proceed with their plans unless they were prepared to go to war. South Korea backed down.

Well, Kim has apparently found a new way to express his deep loathing of the holiday season. According to a variety of news outlets, including the New York Post, the dictator has declared that anyone who is inclined to celebrate the birth of Jesus should refrain from doing so, and should instead celebrate the birth of his grandmother.


As it happens, Kim Jong-un’s grandmother, Kim Jong-suk, was herself born on Christmas Eve back in 1919. She was the wife of the first North Korean dictator, Kim Il-sung, and the mother of Kim Jong-il, father to the present state leader.

And she is now, by order of her grandson, to be the object of worship by those in North Korea who planned to make Jesus the focus of their celebrations this season.

As noted at the top of this piece, while there is a mildly humorous aspect to the news, it is enjoyable only by those not burdened with having the misfortune to be born in the communist country; according to various human rights groups, as many as 70,000 Christians are presently imprisoned in North Korean concentration camps simply for being Christians.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large