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Charlie Sheen’s Tweeted Death Wish for Trump Says a Lot About America Today

If you spend much time paying attention to what is going out in the world, then you likely have both Internet access and a television that receives about a bazillion channels…and if you have those things, then you surely know about the Tweet actor Charlie Sheen sent out Wednesday night in which he wished death upon the next President of the United States.

Charlie Sheen doesn t apologize for asking God to  take  Donald Trump

To review, Sheen’s tweet went like this:

“Dear God; Trump next, please!” The tweet repeated the “Trump next, please” line five more times, and the tweet was completed by a graphic of a small hand giving the middle finger.

Welcome to political discourse in 21st century America.

The wording of Sheen’s tweet was, of course, a simultaneous reference to the seemingly-high number of celebrity deaths that have occurred here in 2016, and a somewhat more specific reference, as well, to the passing of actress Carrie Fisher on Tuesday followed by the death of her mother, Debbie Reynolds, on Wednesday.

The message was received with great affection by many on the left who themselves have no “inner voice,” filter, or what have you, when it comes to saying crazy things out loud; it has been (so far) re-tweeted 43,000 times and liked 83,000 times.

Of course, Sheen was blasted by a variety of folks, as well, but it’s crazy that we have devolved to such a point in the greatest country on earth that it’s considered no big deal for a celebrity to very publicly wish that the worst circumstance possible befalls the incoming leader of the free world.

Even as one who is looking to the act as an example of something that’s beyond the pale, I must admit to being less than shocked by it…and that’s unfortunate.

Because when the point is reached in a society where it is no longer any big deal for a celebrity who differs politically with a President of the United States to wish death on that president, then we’re in a lot more trouble than we likely realize.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large