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Artists Demand that Ivanka Trump Remove Their Art from Her Walls

Ivanka Trump has found herself the target of a most curious protest effort energized by social media.

It seems that the daughter of President-elect Donald Trump has, historically, posted various pictures of herself standing next to pieces of art she has collected. Seems innocuous enough, right?

Not so fast.


Now that her dad is going to be the next occupant of the White House, some of the artists responsible for creating the pieces in her possession are demanding that she remove their work from her walls.

Yup…it’s true.

According to a variety of news outlets, including the Daily Mail Online, Ivanka has become the focus of a collective called the Halt Action Group, put together by some elites in the New York art scene who clearly have no affection for the next President of the United States. A visit to the group’s website finds the following message on the home page:

Dear Ivanka,

Racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, and homophobia are not acceptable anywhere—least of all in the White House.

Steve Bannon has no place in the White House. Jeff Sessions has no place in the White House. Talk of a Muslim registry has no place in the White House.

Hate has no place in the White House.

We refuse to "wait and see". We look to you as the voice of reason.


Halt Action Group

In one instance, Ivanka had posted a picture to social media of her standing next to a piece by Philadelphia artist Alex Da Corte. Here was his response on Instagram to the visual:

“Dear @Ivankatrump please get my work off of your walls. I am embarrassed to be seen with you.”

And the bar of political tolerance sinks ever lower.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large