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Violent Protests Against Democracy, Complete with Flag-Burnings, Will Only Create More Trump Fans

The violent protests in the wake of the election results continue.

The truth is, given the way the world is nowadays, they will likely be a constant companion of his, and the nation, during the term of his presidency.

Things might calm down once people recognize that not only will the sky remain well above our heads, but that a President Trump will govern more from a centrist position than people presently expect. As a matter of fact, I expect Trump will pleasantly surprise, or at least relieve, those who did not vote for him, while angering many who did.

All of that, however, remains to be seen. What does NOT remain to be seen is all of the rioting.

Regardless of one's politics, regardless of which candidate one might have preferred, it is a terrible look, and something that is counterproductive to the objective of prompting a voter with whom you might disagree to reconsider their decision. All this violence does, in the minds of those who voted for Trump, is validate the wisdom of their decision.

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One example of the aforementioned terrible look is the burning of American flags, so close to Veterans Day, by privileged college students who, by virtue of their activities, are essentially protesting democracy. And at a school named “American University,” of all places.

Because, of course, nothing will get that financially-desperate, blue-collar Trump voter to re-think his or her choice faster than seeing that.


The simple truth is that not only is this behavior NOT swaying Trump voters from their position…it is creating many more of them.

Donald Trump is not Hitler, just as neither Bush was Hitler, and just as Reagan was not Hitler. If you really want a chance to protest Hitler, however, keep throwing garbage all over the country and democracy like this, because, if you do that long enough, you’ll eventually get him. When enough people grow weary, truly weary, of these antics - the destruction, the fear, the anarchy, the suffocating levels of political correctness - they will go further, and eventually elect that person who finally rights the ship, but at a cost most of us would rather not have to bear.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large