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Trump COULD Be Right That Millions Of Votes Were Fraudulent

The media has spent its day publishing so called 'fact checking' stories to discredit President-Elect Trump's claim that there were likely millions of fraudulent votes in the recent presidential election. The simple truth is that Trump's claim can not be fact checked. There is no real way for anyone to know how many votes may have been cast illegally. Trump's comments are speculative in nature, but not unsupported by a large amount of anecdotal evidence. Since there are only 7 states that have a strict photo ID requirement, it is possible that there could have been widespread voter fraud, and there would be no way to definitively verify it. We also have the excellent work of James O'Keefe of Project Veritas, and his numerous videos showing how easy it is to fraudulently vote.


What is the height of hypocrisy is that the very people presently putting up millions of dollars for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, are the same people ridiculing Trump for raising his own questions about the election. We also know that when it comes to elections, it has been documented in every way imaginable, that liberals will cheat every chance they get. You need to look no further than how the DNC rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders to see that these people are cheaters. Here is an excellent article from the Washington Times, No, Voter Fraud Isn't A Myth. The article provides numerous examples of voter fraud, including illegals voting, dead people voting, people voting multiple times, and more. Any serious student of history knows the well established case of voter fraud in Chicago that delivered the presidency to John F. Kennedy in 1960 (the origin of the phrase 'vote early and vote often' and the notion of dead people voting).

A simple system could be implemented that could prevent virtually all voter fraud. We could use the same technology as is used with credit cards. A chip enabled voter ID card accompanied by a photo ID would do it. BUT, this will likely never happen. Even the most modest attempt to reform and secure our voting system with a photo ID is considered racist, and it challenged by the Democrats and their lawyers. You simply have to ask, why a photo ID is required in our society to cash a check, drive a car, and board a plane, but not to vote?

Democrats can't insist on keeping all of these holes in our voting system and then claim that it is not possible for there to be widespread fraud. Trump could very well be right, but we will never know. Having a voting system that allows for the possibility of fraud will always leave the door open for this kind of speculation. The Democrats know how to slam that door shut, but we all know why they want to leave it open.

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