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Mayors of Sanctuary Cities Prepare for Showdown with a President Trump

Despite the fact that President Trump has so-called “sanctuary cities” in his sights, many of the representative mayors are defiantly vowing to keep their municipalities as safe havens for undocumented immigrants, come what may.


San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, and Rahm Emanuel of Chicago have all gone on record that they will not cooperate with the federal government to apprehend illegals in their cities and deport them.

They are, by no means, the only mayors taking such a stand. According to Bloomberg, over 200 “sanctuary cities” in the U.S. have indicated they will not assist the feds in whatever efforts they undertake to send immigrants here illegally back to their countries of origin.

Emanuel took to the radio earlier this week to share his thoughts on the matter, saying, in part, “I would say to the president-elect, that the idea that you’re going to penalize Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia -- these are the economic, cultural and intellectual energy of this country.”

President-elect Trump repeatedly attacked sanctuary cities throughout the campaign, and has said that the deportation of criminals illegally in the U.S. would be among his highest of priorities. Trump has indicated that would assemble a special task force within Immigration and Customs Enforcement to facilitate the removal of illegal immigrants from within the nation’s borders.

While those U.S. mayors challenging Trump on the issue are talking tough right now, it remains to be seen how long that might last. Trump has threatened to withhold an array of federal funds from those cities that do not comply, a sum that represents hundreds of billions of dollars, overall.

 By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large