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Well, we have all done it - bought a lesser known brand, or even a 'generic' version of a product to save money. I know that I would do this more if I had a way of knowing that I was actually getting an item of similar quality for the money. 'Branding' is a big buzzword today in the marketing industry. Companies spend millions on brand identity, but why should you as a consumer pay more just because a brand is buying ads during the Superbowl?

Take for example the GoPro Hero 4 camera that is going for about $300 on Amazon. What if there was a similar camera from a lesser known brand for just $57? Well, there is, and if you check out you will find many more such deals. 

Screenshot (13) has an impressive and growing list of what they call 'smart alternatives' that provide consumers with a lower cost substitute for a popular brand name product. Take for example the iPad tablet. The comparison below provides the alternative of a Lenovo Tablet ($139) for a savings of 60%.


While I have touched on two examples in this article of technology, the site offers a very wide array of product categories, including everything from bicycles to camping gear to kitchen gadgets.

The key feature to is the helpful descriptions of the differences between the well known and lesser known brands. Sometimes the more expensive item has deluxe features you will not find in the lower cost alternative (but you might not need these bells and whistles).

After reviewing several of their comparisons, I believe I would have opted for the lower priced item in every case. The reality is, however, that if you have a specific need for certain deluxe features, you might opt, in the end, for the the more popular brand. I think a quick stop over at OutsmartBrands will save most people hundreds of dollars per year (if not thousands). While you might not always select the lower cost alternative, it should always be a consideration before clicking that 'buy now' button.

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