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Child Abuse Cases Related to “Witchcraft” and “Possession” on the Rise in UK

According to the International Business Times, cases of child abuse linked to efforts at removing any of a variety of “evil spirits” from African children living in the United Kingdom (UK) are on the rise, according to both authorities and the advocacy charity Africans Unite Against Child Abuse (Afruca).

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“Spiritual leaders” within the diaspora community have managed to convince parents of the victimized children that their kids have come to be “possessed” or otherwise afflicted with “evil forces.” According to Afruca, up to 400 people are at risk of this kind of abuse each year in the UK, and the Metropolitan Police reports that there were over 60 confirmed cases of such abuse in London last year, compared to just 23 in 2014 and 46 in 2014.

While it is said that the principal means by which these evil spirits can be chased from the bodies are exorcism, deliverance, and prayer, some of the children are subjected to significant physical trauma in the effort to free them from their various, supposed demonic afflictions. The abuse can take a variety of forms, but is generally some type of emotional, physical, and/or sexual victimization.

Stunningly, parents may be so convinced of their children’s possession that the kids will be alienated and even entirely disowned by their families.

Afruca is lobbying to make accusations of possession illegal in the UK, which would, in turn, open the door for the aforementioned spiritual leaders who are the sources of the allegations to face

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large