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By Staff Writers We continue to be very surprised at the apparent lengths Scientology leaders will go to stop unfavorable coverage. We have made repeated attempts to book Leah Remini as a guest on Jim Paris Live to discuss her book. The actress, known for her role on 'King Of Queens,' was a member of the Church Of Scientology for 30 years. In addition to her book titled, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood And Scientology, her movie "Scientology and the Aftermath" premiered on A&E on Nov. 29. Read more →

By Staff Writers became aware today of a very interesting YouTube video titled, Did DC Whistleblowers Give Glenn Beck The PizzaGate Pedophile Scandal Info In 2013? It is a chilling video to watch, and Beck has never said another word about the "scandal" he references. For those not familiar with the term, PizzaGate is a reference to an alleged child sex trafficking ring being run out of Washington, DC. The allegation claims that that this is D.C's deepest darkest secret and involves both Republicans and Democrats, and many of D.C's elite. The conspiracy also suggests the involvement of... Read more →

By Staff Writers No, this is not fake news. Former vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine said that he was saddened by the “senseless act of gun violence” (referring to the Monday knife attack). A Somali immigrant injured eleven people by driving a car into a crowd and then attacking bystanders with a butcher's knife. A gun was used by an Ohio State Police officer to shoot and kill the attacker. Read more →

By Staff Writers Charlotte police Officer Brentley Vinson's shooting of Keith Lamont Scott will result in no charges being filed. The announcement was made just moments ago by Mecklenburg County District Attorney Andrew Murray. Murray said that the decision was unanimous among the fifteen prosecutors that made the determination. Police were in a suburban Charlotte housing complex on September 20th to serve a warrant, but Scott was not the individual they intended to arrest. Police claim that Scott was armed during the incident, but Scott's family disputes this. According to Scott's family and neighbors, he suffered from a brain... Read more →

Oh, boy. A passenger on Delta Air Lines Flight 248 from Atlanta to Allentown, Pa. has been banned for life from ever traveling again on the carrier after he was apparently overcome by the urge to profess his support for President-elect Donald Trump to his fellow travelers, and in a way that clearly had many of them on edge. As the unidentified passenger stood in the aisle and clapped, he shouted various anti-Hillary Clinton and pro-Trump declarations. Here’s a sample: “Donald Trump, baby! We got some Hillary b-----s on here? Come on, baby! Trump!” And a little more: “Donald Trump... Read more →

Sen. Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American whose parents emigrated from the island in the 1950’s, is none too pleased with the eulogizing of Fidel Castro in which some world leaders have engaged since the event of his passing, and says that the real reason they’re doing it is because many are simply in ideological agreement with the late communist dictator. Rubio was asked by CBS News’ Reena Ninan what he thought might be behind the outpouring of condolences by various world leaders, including Pope Francis. “You’ll have to ask each of these individual leaders. Some of these people you’re talking about... Read more →

The head of the team advising Donald Trump as he transitions from President-elect to President of the United States, Kellyanne Conway, seemed to assume a bit of an at-odds position with her boss on Sunday when she raised an objection to the possibility of Mitt Romney being selected as the next secretary of state. Said Conway about the possibility of Mitt in the cabinet: “I’m all for party unity but I’m not sure we have to pay for that with the secretary of state position.” The issue revolves around Romney’s high-profile objections, evident throughout the campaign, to Trump becoming the... Read more →

Hampshire College in western Massachusetts made headlines recently when it made a decision to no longer fly the American flag on campus. That did not sit well with many Americans, particularly veterans, and a crowd of them showed up to the campus on Sunday to protest. The flag controversy at Hampshire started just after the election of Donald Trump. In apparent response to Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, someone burned the American flag that regularly flew at the center of the school’s campus. Hampshire’s first response was to replace the flag, but fly it only at half-staff in a symbolic... Read more →

The media has spent its day publishing so called 'fact checking' stories to discredit President-Elect Trump's claim that there were likely millions of fraudulent votes in the recent presidential election. The simple truth is that Trump's claim can not be fact checked. There is no real way for anyone to know how many votes may have been cast illegally. Trump's comments are speculative in nature, but not unsupported by a large amount of anecdotal evidence. Since there are only 7 states that have a strict photo ID requirement, it is possible that there could have been widespread voter fraud, and... Read more →

You know there’s truly a bit of a civil war brewing inside the Democratic Party if you can hear calls from leading liberals for its storied leadership to step aside. Washington Post columnist and outspoken progressive Dana Milbank is by no means the only one sounding the alarm, but his recent case for why it should happen, made in one of his most recent columns, is one of the most direct challenges to the existing party leadership. Milbank suggests that the advanced ages of the key Democratic leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives…Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, and Jim Clyburn…are... Read more →

As space exploration becomes an increasingly-diminished priority in the United States, the Chinese are moving in quite the opposite direction, aggressively seeking to occupy the vacuum left by America’s virtual abandonment of outer space...and much of the activity is centered on a remote desert outpost in northwest China, approaching the Mongolian border. It is at that place where China has created, as Bloomberg puts it, “a gateway to the new final frontier:” Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. Jiuquan has seen six manned spaceflights depart from the facility, and it is believed that manned trips to both the moon and Mars are... Read more →

Is Cyber Monday still a thing? That question has been asked more frequently in recent years, as retailers, in a breathless effort at corralling as many customers as they can, however they can, have been going further than ever in making in-store Black Friday deals available to online shoppers. According to early data, while Black Friday sales results this year are expected to be the biggest yet, much of that will be attributable to the enormous growth in online sales made during the day originally designed to bring foot traffic into retail locations. According to Adobe Digital Insights, online Black... Read more →

Going into Election Day, there was a not-insignificant amount of speculation regarding the idea that Donald Trump might actually defeat Hillary on the strength of what some saw as “secret” Trump voters - people who were quietly supporting the Republican nominee while many in their various circles appeared to be vocal fans of Hillary. Well, as the dust settles on the election, and details about just what took place come into focus, it seems as though the idea of secret Trump voters may, indeed, be valid. Some proof to that effect can be found in the voting results posted by... Read more →