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5 Work From Home Seasonal Gigs

We have done articles over the years highlighting the opportunity of so-called seasonal jobs. These jobs are tied to the increase in shopping and eating out during the holidays. Of course, most people already know about seasonal job openings at UPS and major bricks and mortar retailers. In recent years, however, has become a significant name that has been added to that list. One of the unique side benefits of a seasonal job is that it is not all that unusual for workers in these positions to end up transitioning to full time employees. 

This time around, I wanted to take a slightly different angle and focus on work from home seasonal jobs. That's right, an opportunity to earn the extra holiday cash you need, but without having to report to a traditional workplace. This would be especially popular and appropriate for families with children, or situations where being away from the family to work a second job is simply not practical.


1. Major Companies That Hire Work From Home Seasonal Employees

1 -800- Flowers in the past has hired seasonal home workers directly, but now do so through Sutherland Cloudsource. It was interesting to note while reviewing their website, Sutherland Cloudsource appears to be hiring for a large array of other companies as well. This really looks like a significant website to start with if you are looking for a seasonal work from home gig. is hiring tens of thousands of workers at their distribution centers, but many people do not know that they also have year round and seasonal work from home positions. These positions are only available in specific states, so check out this link for the details.

Apple At Home Adviser positions are year round, but just like with many positions like this there are additional seasonal openings as well - click here for more details.

Convergys is a call center operation based in Cincinnati that has year round and seasonal work from home jobs. After reviewing their site, we were impressed with the wide array of benefits they also offer their workers. - more details click here. 

2. Creating Your Own Work From Home Job

I can tell you as someone that has owned multiple businesses in a wide array of industries, virtually all businesses need some degree of extra help around the holidays. Simply putting the word out on Facebook, letting your friends know that you are looking for seasonal work from home, and making a few phone calls, can get you all the work you can handle. Just as one example, many businesses will pay for their Christmas cards to be hand addressed to add that personal touch. I have known individuals that have done very well simply charging a fee to address Christmas cards for local business owners.

The end of the year/first of the year is also prime time for financial planners, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, accountants, and real estate agents, to reach out to clients and prospects for new business. This many times takes the form of a phone call offering a holiday greeting along with a short Q and A to determine if the client may need any services or an end of year review. This is yet another offering that can be made to local business owners.

3. Consider Starting a Website And Sharing Deals With Friends

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas last year there was more than $3 trillion dollars of holiday related spending, most of that on retail gift giving. We also know that each and every year an even greater percentage of retail spending is done online. So, all this being said, I want to remind you of my favorite way to earn extra cash during the holidays -Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a way that you can earn a cut of the money that someone spends by simply sharing affiliate links with your friends on social media. How I love to do this is to share 'deals' and sales with my friends. They really like the information as I am helping them to save money, and I also earn a percentage of everything they buy. While there are a lot of affiliate programs you can sign up with, my favorite is (called Amazon Associates). Companies like Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and so many other big names will gladly pay you for simply sharing links to their products. 

It is super easy and free to get started as an affiliate - click for free access to more than 100 videos on how to get started with affiliate marketing. Who knows? Once you see how much you can earn around the holidays, you might decide to turn this into a year round business.

4. Consider Selling All That Junk Cluttering Your House 

Another self made work from home job is to hold a garage sale or use eBay to clear out those unused items in your home. Just an item like an old cell phone can bring $20 to $80 (or more) and most people have a few of these laying around in a junk drawer. As the saying goes, 'One man's junk is another man's treasure.' Last year the average family spent $882 during the holidays. I would bet that most people could easily raise this amount with an eBay or garage sale, and also enjoy the side benefit of reducing their household clutter (just in time to make room for the Christmas tree). 

One variation on this idea is to resell on behalf of others. Offer to sell items for others on eBay and charge a 30% fee for your efforts. Most people simply don't want to deal with the hassle and will gladly give you all of their old cell phones, laptops, and other unwanted goods and let you turn them into quick cash for them (just in time for the holidays).

5. Mystery Shopping

Although not technically work from home, mystery shopping does not require that you report to a workplace, so we thought it made sense to include it in our list. First, if you are like most people, you will already be out shopping and in restaurants more than usual during the holiday season. Secondly, there are many times more mystery shopping gigs to be had during the holidays as well.  Check out a couple of articles we have previously published on mystery shopping:

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How To Make Money As A Mystery Shopper

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