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Rasmussen: As of Wednesday, Trump and Clinton are Tied

The debates, in all honesty, have not been decisive, and this last one was no different. Trump spoke in his usual generalizations, making the broad sorts of statements that many conservative populists cheer, but lacking the thoughtful specificity that creates any of the “A-ha!” moments that might prompt Clinton supporters to think twice about their choice.

And just as Trump was Trump, Hillary was Hillary.


No one’s mind is going to be changed in the wake of this final debate, and, on that note, it’s worth mentioning the results of a Rasmussen Reports poll announced Wednesday that has Trump and Clinton in a dead heat.

What makes these numbers so interesting is that other polls about which we’ve heard very recently all seem to indicate that Hillary is in the process of running away with the election, but, based on the Rasmussen data, such is not the case. Rasmussen Reports has an excellent reputation in the field of polling, and has been hailed by such politically disparate media organs as Slate Magazine and The Wall Street Journal for its accuracy.

Here is a look at Rasmussen’s latest numbers, courtesy of Newsmax:

  • Clinton: 42 percent;

  • Trump: 42 percent;

  • Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson: 7 percent;

  • Green Party candidate Jill Stein: 1 percent;

  • Some other candidate: 3 percent;

  • Undecided: 6 percent.

The bottom line is that with nobody’s vote changing along the way to November 8, this election remains the super-tight race many had anticipated at the outset. Clinton does not have this locked up, and Trump is by no means out of it.


By Robert G. Yetman, Jr Editor At Large