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I’m no fan of George Soros’ hyper-progressive globalist politics, but, for those who aren’t terribly familiar with him, he’s an investor first, and has made almost inconceivable sums as a brilliant, intuitive hedge fund manager. As a matter of fact, his Soros Fund Management, LLC is considered to be one of the best performing hedge funds of all time. Soros was not a fan of the Brexit decision, and that likely has more to do with his aforementioned globalist-centered bias than anything else, because he reportedly made more bucket loads of money after markets of all kinds tanked following the... Read more →

The folks over at are reporting on a new study that reveals American workers are forgoing taking earned time off…in a BIG way. The study, assembled by Project: Time Off, a sort of “think tank” (with roots in the travel industry; interpret that however you wish) that specifically concerns itself with the matter of improving how vacation time is viewed by workplace culture, reveals that, collectively, American workers are leaving behind about $272 billion worth of earned time off, and that, bottom line, it’s not doing any favors for anyone involved. For the employees not using the accrued time,... Read more →

We have done articles over the years highlighting the opportunity of so-called seasonal jobs. These jobs are tied to the increase in shopping and eating out during the holidays. Of course, most people already know about seasonal job openings at UPS and major bricks and mortar retailers. In recent years, however, has become a significant name that has been added to that list. One of the unique side benefits of a seasonal job is that it is not all that unusual for workers in these positions to end up transitioning to full time employees. This time around, I wanted... Read more →

I’m beginning to think that by the time this election is finally, mercifully over, we’re all going to feel as though we need to take a long, hot shower. On that note, none other than Gennifer Flowers has decided it’s time to jump back into the fray. You surely remember the name. Gennifer Flowers was the pretty blonde who claimed during the 1992 presidential campaign she’d had a 12-year affair with Bill Clinton that began back in 1977. At the time, Clinton refuted the allegations, but later, in a 1998 deposition, during which Clinton denied having engaged in sexual misdeeds... Read more →

As the federal government continues to keep for-profit universities in its sights, word comes of a settlement between the Department of Education (ED) and one of the most recognizable names in the for-profit college business, DeVry University, in which DeVry will agree to cease making a long-standing claim about the job placement rate of its graduates. DeVry has famously advertised that, since 1975, 90 percent of the school’s graduates find work in their degree fields within six months of graduation. However, when the school was asked last year by ED to substantiate they claim, it was unable to do so.... Read more →

According to an esteemed federal jurist, law students today should not be wasting any time studying the U.S. Constitution. That’s right; Judge Richard Posner, who sits on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Chicago, thinks that studying the Constitution should no longer be required because the document is no longer relevant. Posner’s comments came to light recently by way of an article in Slate. In the piece, he didn’t have much good to say about law schools in America, and included in his list of grievances is the fact that the Constitution is still being studied.... Read more →

Remember when this stuff was actually surprising, even shocking? Not anymore. It remains, however, awfully sad. Estonia’s National Museum opened on September 29, and there’s a part of it devoted to the Reformation in that country. A related exhibit features a virtual image of the Virgin Mary projected on to a screen. Visitors are invited to kick a designated spot at the base of the exhibit, at which point the image of Mary is shattered, and the word “Reformation” appears in her place. Estonian Christian leaders and politicians are none too pleased with the exhibit, as you might imagine. In... Read more →

Yesterday, I write about how Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg threw some of her fans a bit of a curve ball when she referred to the high-profile national anthem protests by professional athletes as “dumb and disrespectful.” Ginsburg is a decidedly left-leaning jurist, but, even so, she clearly thinks that such anthem protests, as well as similar flag protests, are out of bounds for Americans, regardless of their political inclinations. Enter now-retired U.S. women’s soccer star Abby Wambach. Wambach is another who won’t likely be confused with Ted Cruz or Rush Limbaugh anytime soon; a lesbian who married her... Read more →

An article over at makes an interesting comparison of two fallen stars of the National Broadcasting Company (NBC): the former anchor of Nightly News, Brian Williams, and Billy Bush, the currently-suspended and soon-to-be-gone co-host of the Today show. Williams, you will certainly recall, found himself in seriously hot water after it was learned he variously embellished…and even outright invented…stories that he reported in his capacity as an NBC news personality. As for Bush, his career at NBC appeared to be going along swimmingly until he recently found himself caught up in the so-called “Trump tapes,” which show Bush participating... Read more →

No doubt Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a certified darling of American progressives, threw her biggest fans a bit of a curve ball recently when she referred to the national anthem protests about which we’ve been hearing so much recently…as “dumb and disrespectful.” Ginsburg, in an interview with Yahoo News Global Anchor Katie Couric, made it clear that she is no fan of the displays, and effectively said that she objects to them on the same basis that so many other Americans…who sit much further to the right than does Ginsburg…object to them: they are an insult to the... Read more →

We talk about identity theft quite a lot here, and this latest bit of news on the subject clearly suggests that these discussions will not go away anytime soon. An article over at is reporting on the results of a survey that reveals up to 41 million Americans have had their identities stolen. That figure will surely come as a shock to many, and, as a matter of fact, it came as a surprise to me. While I have long been aware of the growing problem of identity theft in this country, I was taken aback to learn... Read more →

One particular set of investors in embattled Wells Fargo has real problems with the way they’ve been doing business. According to Newsmax, investors with various religious affiliations…including a group of nuns…have apparently had it with Wells Fargo and its notorious practices, and have filed a shareholder resolution that asks the banking giant to specifically address the “root causes” of the scandal that led to the opening of millions of fake customer accounts. In addition to the matter of explaining precisely why the scandal happened, the resolution further asks that the company provide an explanation of what new measures will be... Read more →

By now, no one among us is unaware of the so-called “Trump tapes,” and, in the wake of the release of the wild audio, many who claimed to support Trump before his self-described “locker room talk” came to light have since declared that they can support him no more. Several high-profile Republican politicians have announced that that they will not be casting their ballots for Trump in November, with some saying they will write in the name of another Republican politician. Still, in what may be, at first glance, a surprise to a lot of folks, Trump’s support among evangelicals... Read more →

Turns out that even when you have a pretty good estate plan, trouble can arise after the event of your passing. The $50 million estate of the person many believe to be the greatest boxer who ever lived, Muhammad Ali, is the subject of a bitter dispute among members of his family, according to the Daily Mail Online. One of the primary points of contention concerns Ali’s 73-year-old brother, Rahman Ali, who, it is said, has been excluded from the champ’s will entirely. According to Ali’s son, Muhammad Ali Jr., Uncle Rahman’s “banishment” from the estate is related to a... Read more →

As you may have heard, TV ratings for National Football League games this season are down…and are down far enough that the NFL has sent a memo to team owners in an effort to relieve any concerns that there might be real significance to the drop. As reported in, audience numbers for NFL games have fallen 11 percent through the first four weeks of the regular season, and, in the age 18-49 demographic so prized by advertisers, ratings are down 12 percent. The memo sent by league executives to owners was dismissive of the idea that anything of substance... Read more →