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Talk about a kick in the head. According to Newsmax, it turns out that almost 10,000 soldiers in the California Army National Guard who received reenlistment bonuses years ago in return for adding years to their original service terms, years that included deployment to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, are now being served with demands from the Pentagon to give that money back. The real source of the trouble here appears to be a less-than-honest effort on the part of the California Guard to hit enlistment targets. A federal investigation has revealed that millions given out to Guard members... Read more →

Amazon, as its name implies, is, indeed, a giant, and now the retail behemoth is looking in earnest for ways to take over the grocery business. The problem with adapting its online shopping model to the buying of groceries is that…you’re buying groceries. Food, and particularly meats, dairy, fresh produce, and other very perishable perishables, hardly lends itself to being left on doorsteps for hours at a time. Still, Amazon very much likes the core model of shopping for everything on the Internet, and believes it may have found a way to capitalize on the interest of people…particularly millennials…to buy... Read more →

Wikileaks - the gift that keeps on giving. Oh, I’m not suggesting that the “outed” emails will be a difference-maker in the upcoming general election. I think that if you’re inclined to vote for Hillary Clinton after everything we know about how ruthless and corrupt she, and everyone around her, is, then, to steal a Trump line about himself, she could shoot someone in the street and still enjoy your vote. Still, it is interesting to see from the messages in just how much contempt so many Americans are held by the Clintonites. As reported by Townhall, Exhibit Z (multiplied... Read more →

We’ve never been entirely against credit cards in this space. The fact is that regular, or general purpose, credit cards, if used carefully and strategically, can be marvelous tools to assist you in everything from enjoying an easier, more manageable vacation, to capitalizing on select rewards that essentially outsize the cost of the cards, to building your credit score. However, we strongly remain against the use of credit cards if one is relying on them to enjoy goods and services that his income and/or savings would not otherwise permit him to indulge. Carrying a large amount of credit card debt,... Read more →

Once again, DePaul University, once one of America’s preeminent Catholic universities, shows signs of struggling with its…Catholicism. According to Life News, the now-standardly liberal college, which last year offered students the opportunity to volunteer at Planned Parenthood clinics, brought the hammer down on the campus’ College Republicans group for hanging a pro-life poster that read, “Unborn Lives Matter.” Posters like this must be submitted to administrators for approval, and “Unborn Lives Matter” did not pass. The approval process eventually saw the poster make its way to the desk of Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, university president, who kicked it back because... Read more →

Hmmm. Christian Post is reporting on the results of a joint survey conducted recently by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) and the Brookings Institution that reveal 70 percent of white evangelicals think a politician’s private, moral missteps are unrelated to how well he or she can govern in office. The matter of discounting so-called personal character issues of politicians has become a more prominent topic in recent years as the ubiquitousness of both old and new media makes it ever less likely that something a politician does in private will remain there. The change in survey results from 2011,... Read more →

Miracle Battery Jump Starts 8,000 Pound Truck

It Jump Starts An 8,000 Pound Truck And Can Recharge Your Smartphone 4 Times! It Holds A Charge for Six Months And Fits In The Palm Of Your hand! A gadget I love! This is a new sponsor of ChristianMoney and they are paying us a whopping $39 for each one of these that gets sold through our landing page. Help us and help yourself by grabbing one of these Miracle Batteries for your own family Helping you make the most of God’s money! James L. Paris Editor-In-Chief Follow Me on Twitter Christian Financial Advice Jim Paris... Read more →

The debates, in all honesty, have not been decisive, and this last one was no different. Trump spoke in his usual generalizations, making the broad sorts of statements that many conservative populists cheer, but lacking the thoughtful specificity that creates any of the “A-ha!” moments that might prompt Clinton supporters to think twice about their choice. And just as Trump was Trump, Hillary was Hillary. No one’s mind is going to be changed in the wake of this final debate, and, on that note, it’s worth mentioning the results of a Rasmussen Reports poll announced Wednesday that has Trump and... Read more →

Depending on your perspective, you’re likely to think this is either cool or creepy. The folks over at Reason inform us that the University of North Dakota is doing something a little different as far as preparing undergrads for the job market of the future. The school is now offering a course in how to succeed at starting up a drone business. That’s right…I said drone business. The class is the brainchild of Matt Dunlevy, who teaches it along with co-instructor Rick Thomas. As it turns out, although the subject matter might seem a little curious, at first glance, the... Read more →

Greater attentiveness to diet and exercise has become an obviously growing trend in America. After decades of excess, many are reacquainting themselves with better eating habits in order that they might feel better, as well as look better. I’ve written before about how, as I age, the way in which I eat exerts a much stronger influence over my health and appearance. I was one of those people who could actually get away with less-than-stellar dietary habits up until not too terribly many years ago, but even for someone like me, the time comes when you have to clean up... Read more →

As the municipal pension crisis continues to grow throughout America, some of the country’s largest and most storied cities are finding themselves scrambling to figure the best way to deal with the pronounced financial shortfalls. I wrote recently about how the Chicago City Council hit residents with a new tax to keep solvent the Municipal Employees’ Annuity and Benefit Fund. In that same article, I pointed out that Chicago and New York are two examples of cities where more money is now spent on cops in retirement than on those actually working. Can you say “unsustainable?” Now we learn that... Read more →

News comes that Walt Disney Co. recently decided against pursuing a bid for Twitter. As it happens, the company went to a great deal of trouble in doing its due diligence on behalf of the prospective move, and even retained the services of two investment banks, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Guggenheim Partners LLC. As interesting as Twitter is, however, Disney decided it could not reconcile the social media monster’s market value of roughly $12 billion with the fact that it is still hemorrhaging money. In fact, according to Bloomberg, a few of the largest investors in Disney bent the... Read more →

The fallout over the Wikileaks’ breach of Clinton campaign emails continues. As you may have heard, it turns out that many of those emails contained less than charitable references to, and thoughts about, Catholics and evangelicals. In response, an open letter has been written that is acutely critical of the anti-Christian contents of those emails, and it has been signed by a large group of religious and political notables, including televangelist Pastor Paula White, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference President the Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, and former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. The Christian Post had an opportunity to review an advanced copy... Read more →

Obamacare indeed appears to be the disaster that never ends. According to reporting from the International Business Times, nearly 1.5 million people from 32 states could see their coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) go the way of the wind in 2017. The problem, of course, is that insurance companies continue to bail on the health care exchanges, and are doing so because of…what else…cost. The requirements for insurers, including that enrollees with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied coverage, have simply made their continued participation unviable. Although it was expected that enrollment would be substantial among higher-risk groups of... Read more →

Florida is not having much luck hanging on to its death penalty. Back in January, the U.S. Supreme Court said an element of Florida’s death penalty law was unconstitutional because it declared that judges, rather than juries, ultimately decide if convicted criminals are to be executed for their crimes. Specifically, Florida law allowed at that time for juries to merely recommend a death sentence that may or may not ultimately be imposed by the judge. The U.S. Supreme Court found that provision to be unconstitutional, saying that Sixth Amendment to the Constitution demands that juries, not judges, are to make... Read more →