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Oregon Student Governments: Dressing Up as Anything for Halloween is Cultural Appropriation

I don’t know if social insanity is now just standard on college campuses, but it sure seems that way.

When I went to college, there were certainly many “pre-Internet” social justice warriors to be found, but not only had they not taken over, they generally weren’t as unhinged as so many are today.


Things have certainly changed; to wit:

The terrific libertarian website points us in the direction of Oregon State University and the University of Oregon, the student governments of which have teamed up to let everyone on their campuses know that they will be watching Halloween costumes closely to be sure that no one takes liberties with the culture of another when it comes to how they play dress-up on October 31.

Honestly, I wish I was making a joke here; the fact that I have to report it as an actual, serious “thing” is beyond embarrassing…for all of us.

Here is a portion of the email, sent jointly to students on both campuses from Rachel Grisham of Oregon State and Quinn Haaga of the University of Oregon:

“Cultural appropriation is the act of borrowing or using aspects of a culture by another culture, typically a dominant culture. Around the time of Halloween, we often see people dressing as a culture or a character, which is offensive and reinforces negative stereotypes. These costumes reinforce racism, sexism, and classism. As active and respectful members of the OSU and the UO communities, we expect everyone to not engage in cultural appropriation.”

Maybe the best part is that not only are students discouraged from dressing as a culture - whatever that means, exactly – but, according to this email, cannot dress as characters.

What, exactly, is left?

Apparently, the University of Oregon and Oregon State student governments effectively canceled Halloween for everybody at both schools.

What fun!

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large