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An article over at is pointing out that as influential as an upcoming meeting of the Federal Reserve will be to the performance of the stock market over the shorter term, that the strength of the political winds blowing in the final days of the 2016 presidential campaign could well be what knocks the market from its moorings for some time to come. The stock market has been looking forward to both a Hillary Clinton win, and the Republican retention of the House of Representatives, for some time. The stock market, delicate beast that it is, does not like... Read more →

At this writing, we don’t know just what it is, exactly, that has renewed the FBI’s interest in the Hillary Clinton email scandal, but, according to one legend of investigative journalism, it has to be awfully big to prompt all of this activity so close to the presidential election. As reported by, Carl Bernstein, the man who, along with fellow reporter Bob Woodward, basically chronicled the events of the Watergate scandal in a way that saw the downfall of Richard Nixon, told Brooke Baldwin of CNN that whatever the agency it has, it must be a “bombshell.” Bernstein said,... Read more →

One of the big challenges many face on the road to building (or rebuilding) good credit is establishing credit in the first place. If you have no credit history, it may be tough to get that first credit card or loan. It is even harder to get a second chance in the world of credit if you have had bad credit in the past (especially a bankruptcy or a foreclosure). The good news is, however, that bad credit does not have to follow you for the rest of your life. You can take steps to rebuild new, positive, credit and... Read more →

Dr. Axton Betz-Hamilton, a professor at Eastern Illinois University, shares her amazing story of her identity being stolen by her own mother when she was just eleven years old. She shares how she first learned that her identity was stolen, how she discovered that it was her mother, and the painstaking process of clearing her name and credit file. Included are tips for parents to protect their children from identity theft. Read more →

I don’t know if social insanity is now just standard on college campuses, but it sure seems that way. When I went to college, there were certainly many “pre-Internet” social justice warriors to be found, but not only had they not taken over, they generally weren’t as unhinged as so many are today. Things have certainly changed; to wit: The terrific libertarian website points us in the direction of Oregon State University and the University of Oregon, the student governments of which have teamed up to let everyone on their campuses know that they will be watching Halloween costumes... Read more →

Well, well. It turns out that the power of former Rep. Anthony Weiner to screw things up may be, in fact, boundless. You surely know of all the hot water in which he has been immersed for some time because of his utter lack of self-control when it comes to sending naked “selfies” to women, including to an underage girl. While that behavior, by itself, is obviously pretty awful, Weiner was also married at the time he was doing it, and to none other than Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin. Now we learn from Newsmax that in the midst... Read more →

Camille Paglia reminds us once again there is such a thing as feminism that’s rather well-grounded in reality. As reported by the Washington Examiner, Paglia recently spoke with The Spectator and made it very clear that while she may have once been in the camp of Hillary Clinton, she most definitely resides there no longer, saying: “It's an outrage how she's played the gender card. She is a woman without accomplishment. ‘I sponsored or co-sponsored 400 bills.’ Oh really? These were bills to rename bridges and so forth. And the things she has accomplished have been like the destabilization of... Read more →

While Democratic presidential candidates and the better-heeled in America typically make strange bedfellows, it appears, nevertheless, that they will be occupying the same sleeping space this year. is reporting that the global market research and consulting firm Ipsos, in its July Affluent Barometer survey, found that America’s affluent are very much “with her” this time around; according to the data, those voters who make more than $100,000 per year favor Clinton over Trump by a measure of 45 percent to 28 percent, and, among voters who earn at least $250,000 per year, Clinton is preferred by 53 percent of... Read more →

As television ratings for NFL games have remain depressed this season, mainstream media outlets, as well as the NFL itself, have gone way out of their way to proffer reasons for the backslide that are alternatives to that which appears to be the most obvious: fan distaste for the national anthem protests by players. With each passing day, however, it appears more likely to conclude that the anthem protests are at the root of this season’s diminished viewership. According to the results of a Seton Hall Sports Poll released on Thursday and reported by ABC News, 56 percent of the... Read more →

We’ve been hearing for some time that as this year’s election is like nothing that has come before it, at least in the modern era, there is likely to be a great deal of lasting fallout, regardless of which major-party candidate prevails. The infighting within each of the parties over this year’s nominees has been loud and very contentious, and some have gone on the record with their opinion that the resulting damage from this year’s wrestling matches will wreak permanent change on both parties. In fact, one person, Greg Valliere, chief political strategist at Horizon Investments, suggested in a... Read more →

According to reporting by Newsmax, it has been revealed that former Secretary of State, retired four-star Army general, and supposed Republican Colin Powell will be voting for Hillary Clinton in November. The “news” isn’t really news, however. After all, we learned last month from hacked emails that the 79-year-old Powell can’t stand Republican nominee Donald Trump, referring to him in those captured missives as a “national disgrace,” as well as an “international pariah.” Beyond the virulent anti-Trump sentiments expressed in the emails, we just know that, politically, Powell has always been a curious Republican. His liberal positions on a variety... Read more → is reporting on a rather startling development in Sweden, wherein the Swedish Transport Administration has made the decision to ban cities from erecting Christmas lights on any utility poles managed by the agency. One of the consequences of that move is that some towns will see no Christmas lights whatsoever on their most prominent thoroughfares. According to the Administration, the reason why the lights are no more is, simply, “security.” Clarifying what is meant by “security,” Eilin Isaksson, the Swedish Transport Administration’s national coordinator, said, “Poles are not designed for the weight of Christmas lights, and we have to... Read more →

Wells Fargo wants you to know that it’s safe to go back in the water. Since news of the fake accounts scandal broke, Wells has been engaged, as you would surely imagine, in a great deal of damage control. Part of that effort includes doing what it can to rehabilitate its image through the use of advertising in both online and newspaper mediums. Well, beginning Monday night, the advertising campaign reached the television airwaves, as the banking giant desperately tries to spread the message that it has, indeed, changed its ways. Wells spokesman Mark Folk, in an interview reported by... Read more →