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Camille Paglia reminds us once again there is such a thing as feminism that’s rather well-grounded in reality.

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As reported by the Washington Examiner, Paglia recently spoke with The Spectator and made it very clear that while she may have once been in the camp of Hillary Clinton, she most definitely resides there no longer, saying:

“It's an outrage how she's played the gender card. She is a woman without accomplishment. ‘I sponsored or co-sponsored 400 bills.’ Oh really? These were bills to rename bridges and so forth. And the things she has accomplished have been like the destabilization of North Africa, causing refugees to flood into Italy ... The woman is a disaster!”

Going on about the idea of voting for Hillary simply because she is a woman, Paglia said, “I do not believe in quotas of any kind. If Hillary wins, nothing will change. She knows the bureaucracy, all the offices of government and that’s what she likes to do, sit behind the scenes and manipulate the levers of power.”

Regarding the possibility of a Trump presidency, Paglia does not seem at all put off by the prospect, telling The Spectator that a Trump win in November would serve as “an amazing moment of change because it would destroy the power structure of the Republican party, the power structure of the Democratic party and destroy the power of the media.”

Paglia has been long established as a sort of anti-feminist feminist…one who, in spite of her general ideology, cannot abide the lunacy that so often characterizes popular feminist doctrine. Here is how she described her brand of feminism to The Spectator:
“My philosophy of feminism, I call street-smart Amazon feminism. I’m from an immigrant family. The way I was brought up was: the world is a dangerous place; you must learn to defend yourself. You can’t be a fool. You have to stay alert.”

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large