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Once again, a new school year is upon us, and, with it, a new and improved round of lunacy, courtesy of education “professionals” who may have just a little too much time on their hands.


According to an article over at, school districts in the “hundreds,” all across the United States, have taken some sort of pledge that embraces the spirit and ideas of a campaign created by the National Association for Bilingual Education and the Santa Clara County, Calif. Office of Education (SCCOE) called “My Name, My Identity: A Declaration of Self.”

It is essentially a “call to action” to keep classroom teachers from committing the apparently-unforgivable crime of…wait for it…mispronouncing a student’s name.

According to Yee Wan, the SCCOE’s director of multilingual education services, “Mispronouncing a student’s name truly negates his or her identity, which, in turn, can hinder academic progress.”

An assistant professor of education at the University of California at Riverside, Rita Kohli, has even referred to the mispronunciation of a student’s name as a “microaggression,” saying, “Names have incredible significance to families, with so much thought, meaning and culture woven into them. When the child enters school and teachers – consciously or not – mispronounce, disregard or change the name, they are in a sense disregarding the family and culture of the students as well.”

So, in an effort to address this overwhelming crisis, well over 500 school districts across the country have decided to more fully commit to properly pronouncing students’ names.

Just one more bit of madness from the education elite for you to consider.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large