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Pew Research: On a Per-Home Basis, Gun Ownership is on the Rise

The Washington Examiner is reporting that Pew Research Center, the Washington, DC think tank known principally for its public opinion polling, published survey results on Friday that show 44 percent of American homes have a gun inside.


A big part of what makes this information so interesting is that it flies a bit in the face of other recent polls that found the number of American homes with a gun to be considerably lower. For example, results of a CBS News poll released in June of this year declared that 36 percent of American households had a gun.

So, which is it: 44 percent, or 36 percent?

It’s difficult to know, for sure, although we’ve been hearing, from a variety of outlets, about how strong gun sales have been for years, which makes a lower number seem curious. Additionally, CBS News has faced, for more years than many of us can remember, accusations of liberal bias, while Pew has generally been considered “one of the least biased, most reliable polling organizations in the country,” in the words of none other than hyper-liberal online news magazine Slate.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large