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Travis Rieder, he of Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics, says that the answer to fixing the climate change problem is for people to simply stop having kids. Rieder says that the best way to protect kids, as we all supposedly stare down the barrel of the climate change gun, is “by not having them.” You see, in the world of the climate change alarmists, it is the existence of people that serves as the ultimate source of the problem. Here’s why: You may have heard of “greenhouse gases,” which are responsible for creating a “greenhouse” effect in the earth’s... Read more →

I love high school football. My son, a great player during his high school years, was a joy to watch on fall Friday nights, but, even putting that aside, the whole high school football “thing” was right up my alley. For me, it remains the purest form of the game. I could not imagine, though, having watched my kid each of those Friday nights from inside a game facility costing tens of millions of dollars…but an increasing number of high school parents are able to say that very thing, and, in one school district in north Texas, the 2017 high... Read more →

What happens when a steadfast atheist dies and discovers he was wrong about life after death? Although he was a world famous futurist and a pioneering promoter of science fiction books and films, Forrest J. Ackerman never believed in an afterlife of the soul, the spirit or the mind; nonetheless, he promised a few respected colleagues that if it were to turn out that he was mistaken (which he sincerely doubted), then if it were possible he would try to send messages from the beyond. Author Paul Davids discusses his book and views on life after death. Read more →

On this episode Jim starts by discussing the historically low ratings for the Rio Olympics and what the future will be for the international competition. Boy band creator and convicted scam artist, Lou Pearlman dies in prison at the age of 62, Leonardo DiCaprio and the Malaysian money scandal, back to school IRS scam, and a new way that thieves are using the mail to steal your identity. Read more →

Think the governments of Western Europe don’t really see their countries as being at war with terrorism? Then take a look at what’s coming down the pike…or should I say autobahn… On Sunday, the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS) reported that the interior ministry of that nation is putting the finishing touches on a plan that will ask its citizens to maintain a ten-day supply of food and water…in the event of a disaster or armed attack. The plan document, reported by to be 69 pages in length, not only covers the matter of food and water reserves,... Read more →

Teachers in one of North Carolina’s largest school districts…and one of the larger school districts in the entire country, for that matter…are now the recipients of a 57-page training manual that instructs them, in part, to refrain from referring to pupils as “boys” and “girls,” and to, instead, refer to them as “students” and “scholars.” The manual advises against the use by teachers of “gender-specific classroom management techniques,” to include the aforementioned references to “boys” and “girls,” as well as such other “management techniques” as asking students to line up by gender (as in, “boys in one line and girls... Read more →

Donald Trump last week cranked up what appears to be the latest of his many “pet” themes this campaign season, when he went directly after the black vote by heavily criticizing the record Democrats have registered for decades as the self-appointed caretakers of minorities in America. On Tuesday, Trump delivered an impassioned speech in Wisconsin on the topic of social equitability for African-Americans in the United States, just a relative handful of miles from Milwaukee, where leftover riot and protest activity was still simmering in the wake of the shooting of a black man by a police officer. Trump essentially... Read more →

According to an Inspector General’s report, the Pentagon managed to post $6.5 trillion in “adjustments” on its financial statement covering fiscal year 2015, adjustments for which there is no “accurate, complete, timely and well-supported” documentation that explains how any of the money was used. This information comes to us courtesy of an article over at Zero Hedge by Tyler Durden. Stunningly, the IG found that while there were 64,321 journal voucher adjustments made in Q3 2015 and 142,355 by the end of the year, a measly 7,083 of those were properly accounted for with the use of appropriate transaction documentation.... Read more →

I am a huge Tom Selleck fan. I love everything this guy is in. From his early start on my all time favorite show, The Rockford Files, to Magnum P.I., Jesse Stone, Three Men And A Baby, Blue Bloods; I love them all. It also makes me that much fonder to know that he is a one of the very few conservatives in the entertainment world. Tom Selleck is not someone, however, that I expected to see in a commercial promoting reverse mortgages for AAG. Reverse mortgage pitchmen are usually actors that are in the twilight of their careers. Tom... Read more →

The Obamacare dream is becoming, before our very eyes, the nightmare that many financial minds said it even before things got off the ground. is reporting at it site on the findings of an analysis done by healthcare consulting firm Avalere, findings that reveal roughly a third of the United States will have no choice of insurer when it comes time for 2017 enrollment; residents of Alaska, Alabama, Kansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Wyoming are expected to have just one option, while over half the country, around 55 percent, overall, will have two or fewer options. As... Read more →

What to believe, what to believe, when it comes to this economy of ours. For years now, in what has been, at best, a most uncertain “recovery,” the look and feel of job growth and stability for average, middle-class folks has been lousy. It’s difficult to believe the “official” employment data put out by the government these days, as those figures that paint a picture of an ever-decreasing national unemployment rate are known by even casual observers to mask the realities of underemployment, as well as the number of citizens who’ve become so disillusioned by job prospects that they’ve stopped... Read more →

Now that Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign, one built largely on demanding financial accountability from other politicians as well as from “the system,” more generally, is over, it turns out that financial disclosure reports he was required to file as a candidate will remain entirely unfiled. You see, Sanders was mandated by federal law to disclose the most recent status of his personal financial profile in mid-May, but he filed for, and received, a 45-day extension of that due date. Then came June 30, at which time he asked for, and received, another extension from the Federal Election Commission. On July... Read more →

According to The Daily Caller, Campus Reform, the conservative news site that specializes in reporting on liberal bias throughout American college campuses, was out at a recent Hillary for Prez rally in Annandale, Virginia, and found that not only was there not much in the way of support for gun rights among her young faithful, but that many who were in attendance are apparently quite supportive of the idea of repealing the Second Amendment altogether. In fact, the Campus Reform reporter asked some rally attendees that question, exactly…if they thought repealing the Second Amendment would be “a good idea.” Here’s... Read more →

If Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto is willing to meet with Donald Trump, does that mean he would have been willing to meet with Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini? Back in June, while attending the North American Leaders’ Summit in Canada with Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Pena Nieto was asked a question about Trump, and responded, in part, by referencing the trend toward “isolation” that is experience a resurgence in some parts of what has been, for so long, an increasingly “globalist” world. On that, Pena Nieto said, “In the past, some leaders address their societies... Read more →

Hardly an upbeat story, but one that reminds you just how far we still have to go in what is supposed to be the greatest country on earth. Sadly, it’s not a great surprise anymore to learn that a 4-year-old girl living with her mother…and mom’s live-in boyfriend…ends up subject to violent physical abuse. Arkansas police found just such a girl recently, with a black eye, all sorts of horrible bruises, scars on her back, and even ligature marks on her wrists. In this child’s case, however, it is the mental abuse she suffered, and perhaps one particular component of... Read more →