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77 Percent of Non-White Voters Fine with Voter ID Laws

Democrats may go on and on about how “unfair” voter ID laws are to certain demographics in the United States, but, according to a recent poll done by the Gallup organization, the vast majority of American voters…including non-white voters…are just fine with voter ID laws.


The fact is, unless you’re a lunatic, voter ID laws make all the sense in the world, which means they make sense to the clear majority of the members of whatever demographic group you want to ask.

The poll, the results of which were published over at on Monday, reveals that Americans harbor a significantly favorable view of voter ID laws across the board; even Democrats, as a group, clearly favor voter ID laws, it turns out, although it shouldn’t come as a tremendous shock to anyone that support among Dems was weakest (63%), in comparison to the support from Republicans (95%) and Independents (83%).

Overall, Americans support voter ID laws to the tune of 80%. That’s still far too low, in my opinion, but at least it’s a fairly strong number.

Of particular interest to me are the results based on race. While it was not a shock to learn from the poll that 81% of whites support voter ID laws, it likely came as a surprise to many that 77% of non-whites also support such laws.

It doesn’t surprise me. Unlike my Dem counterparts, I don’t walk around assuming that members of so-called minority groups are in favor of lawless societies, as though that’s the only way they can achieve social and economic uplift. I leave it to the Democrats to do that, and they never disappoint.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large